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Stories with this keyword: affairs

What makes a woman a mistress
Nobody wants to be labelled a homewrecker. So why do some women end up in such predicaments?
Why do women still stay on with their cheating husbands?
Wives who choose to stay on often think that opting out is a sin.
Woman offers to swap husband with neighbour
Housewife was having an affair with neighbour's husband, while her husband was secretly seeing that neighbour.
High infidelity
Men who stray are on the rise, no thanks to high profile cheats who get away with affairs.
Hubby cheated on me like Tiger
They may not have the marquee names or fat bank accounts of EPL stars, but S'pore footballers still draw female groupies like 'bees to honey'.
Be careful how you deal with phone evidence
When you find incriminating evidence on your partner's mobile phone, take a photo of it, but do not forward it to yourself as it may alert him.
‘People just can’t help themselves’
More divorce cases use electronic evidence as proof of infidelity.
'Stand by your man' rule no longer ironclad for scorned wives
Wives of prominent cheating husbands expect them to tidy up the messes on their own.
Some men are looking for women to respect them
Men with beautiful wives may still cheat on them; good men are just as capable of having affairs.
My world crashed
Woman discovered that her "good" and "ethical" husband had several affairs throughout the 34 years of marriage.

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