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Mon, Feb 08, 2010
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Confessions of Maia Lee

From her blog on STOMP:

Some have felt that I've lost the sex appeal they thought I once had (oh?).

Some 3 years ago?

I am so happy to hear that actually.

I think experiences, circumstances and time change everyone and that includes myself. (See top right picture - I'm keeping myself all covered up now.)

I have hinted (or did I openly write about it) in previous posts that I did a lot of porn surfing in my younger days. Honestly, I still am the only female I know who openly discusses such topics with friends but strangest thing is that it no longer triggers any excitement and I no longer find various descriptions and scenes funny.

I never, never, ever thought that I would one day find anything sex-related (besides biology classes) repulsive. I had thought that I would watch it every day till I die - but now I find those who are constantly looking to feed their lust utterly sad.

I don't find that it has taken a toll on my personal life, because I can have a clearer picture of what everyone wants from me, and who are the sincere ones who are not fantasising about me.

And yes, I've deleted all the website links that I once compiled.

I have successfully quit smoking after having my second child, and the smell of cigarettes makes me nauseous (and that's the reason I quit) - so I guess I'm very lucky that my body rejected the puffs on its own. WOOHOO!

So what are the current vices that I have, that I can do without?

1) Chocolates. I eat them knowing that I would have diarrhoea and lose my voice and be down with some major cough for the next 3 weeks. But hey, milk chocolates are awesome and right now I am still on medication (since 22 Dec '09) because the cough wouldn't go away...

2) Can I say ‘being nice'? I'm caring by nature (believe it or not) and am always too willing to help a friend - so much so I get people who become overly-reliant on me and their problems become mine. Trust is a double-edged sword and in my case, it looks like some vice to me.

3) Twiddling. I twiddle a lot. Unconsciously and it is... ugly.

4) Buying fabrics faster than I can use them. I have over $400 worth of fabric sitting in my room because I buy them and think that I would have time to make something out of it.

This is one thing that is bothering me of late. I've so many ideas on my mind but I don't have the time to execute them.

Yet, I still can't seem to stop shopping for fabrics and the moment I go into the fabric merchants I wouldn't be out until at least 3 hours later. My room is like a walk-in wardrobe now.


5) I lose my cool and flip my middle finger easily and just this afternoon I flipped at a truck driver (GQ 9280 B) who failed to stop at the turn when the light was red because he was looking only to his right at the pedestrian crossing.

I was already cycling across (with my baby) halfway and so I cycled after him just to continue flipping at him.

Also, I tend to scold people who walk like they're going on a slow funeral march and taking up the entire pavement:

I was behind them for the longest time because they moved left, right, centre, right, left, diagonal, parellel...

And I think I can do without flipping my middle finger at my neighbour's CCTV installed along the corridor. What is the HDB ruling with those? I hate being watched even when I want to pick my nose while waiting for the lift.


readers' comments
I spotted her once just outside Tampines Hall with a baby stroller and a friend. I recognised her straight away. She looks stunning, wearing a tank-top and revealing. I was momentarily awe-struck by her looks for a few seconds. She is more beautiful in real life. She doesn't to be what she protrays outside, really. Looking at her, any man will immediately feel protective over her. She is not the typical ah-lian, she has class. The gahmen should declare her as a national asset.
Posted by freecomment on Tue, 16 Feb 2010 at 23:40 PM
Boring article......I thought it would be thought provoking but it's like an empty-head self rattling off...probably that's why it's a blog. Totally disappointed with this article.
Posted by Southernskies on Tue, 16 Feb 2010 at 19:48 PM

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