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Tue, Feb 23, 2010
The New Paper
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Betrayed mistress (Part 2)

Continuation of Karen's story...

No woman wants to be a mistress

Madam Teo, 54, met her married lover, Mr Anthony Hong, in 1988 and gave birth to their son, out of wedlock, in 1990.

Mr Hong, who ran a steel factory, died of lung cancer in November 1998. He was 53.

Over dinner with The New Paper on Sunday, Madam Teo, who trades in shares, said: “I was hesitant about seeing a married man but Anthony convinced me to be with him, saying his wife had cheated on him and he planned to divorce her.

“I never intended to be a mistress. No woman would want to be a mistress – you have no proper status and you have people talking behind your back.

“If the man just wants an affair with you, he just wants you for sex and the woman is always the losing party.”

Madam Teo was so in love with Mr Hong that she did not mind paying for the utilities and meals when they cohabited.

Early in 1990, she became pregnant. Feeling insecure at the prospect of being an unwed mother, she discussed having an abortion.

But Mr Hong talked her out of it, promising he would marry her.

She said: “He knelt in front of me and cried, begging me to keep our baby. I was very touched.”

Her siblings however, had misgivings. She said: “My brother and sister advised me to have an abortion as they weren’t sure if Anthony would keep his word.

“But I was too sure of myself and I trusted Anthony. I guess love is blind.”

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