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Tue, Feb 23, 2010
The New Paper
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Betrayed mistress (Part 4)

Continuation of Karen's story...

She had hope, but...

Clinging to hopes that Mr Hong would make good on his promise to marry her, she continued their liaison. He was at her side when she gave birth to their son in Thomson Medical Centre and chose the baby’s names.

By the time their son was 2 months old, there was still no sign that marriage was on the cards.

When she questioned Mr Hong, he supposedly gave excuses that his wife was seriously ill. Suspicious, Madam Teo visited his family.

She recalled: “I saw the family coming home in Anthony’s car after having dinner outside. They looked so happy together. I felt deceived so I decided to leave Anthony.

“I don’t know why he asked me to keep the baby if he never planned to marry me. Maybe he was hoping to have two families? I don’t know – some men think it’s all right to be unfaithful to their wives so long as they look after their families.”

Overnight, Madam Teo’s love for Mr Hong turned into hatred. While he continued to give her $1,500 a month for their son’s maintenance, she refused to see him when he visited the boy.

Then in 1996, Mr Hong was diagnosed with the cancer that took his life two years later.

In 2006, angry that he did not get a higher inheritance from his father, Madam Teo’s son burnt a car belonging to his paternal aunt’s husband. She pleaded guilty to abetting him and was jailed three months in 2008 for the crime.

Her son, who received 24 months’ probation, is now doing National Service. Although she no longer has to deal with Mr Hong, she is still embittered when she thinks about how he used to treat her.

She said: “I can’t trust men again.My experience has shown me that it is men’s nature to stray.”

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This article was first published in The New Paper.

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