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Tue, Dec 02, 2008
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Marriage is a gamble
by Cheryl Lim

FOR actress Fann Wong, marriage is a big risk - one that she never saw herself taking.

The 37-year-old, who is engaged to actor Christopher Lee, will be getting married in a mere 10 months.

"Marriage is a gamble, but I decided to take it," Wong told my paper in an interview in Malacca last Saturday, where she was shooting two scenes with Lee for Thai director Ekachai Uekrongtham's movie, Wedding Of The Year.

"Who knows, I may just win and find happiness," she added.

Lee, 37, who was also present at the interview, listened attentively to what his future wife said.

She and her fiance are the main draws in Wedding Of The Year, set for release on Jan 22 next year. The film is a black comedy about a celebrity couple who marry each other to further their careers.

Wong added that the "high number of failed marriages around her" was discouraging, and that she had never hoped that she and Lee - who have been dating for around seven years - would "get to the point of marriage".

Yet they got engaged in February, due in part to Lee's "desire to have a family", said Wong, who has visited her future in-laws in Malacca.

"Marriage has many uncertainties," said Lee seriously.

"But, of course, when one enters into it, it is with the conviction that it will work out."

Lee also told my paper that he wants to have "many children", adding that he loves kids.

Wong coyly said she wants to have one baby, in order to "try (motherhood) first", before planning for more.

In person, the two banter easily with each other.

When one reporter told them that astrologers had predicted that theirs would be a long and happy union, Wong's joking response was: "Christopher is doomed."

Lee groaned in mock agony before exclaiming: "Yes, I'm a goner."

The two confirmed that they want to hold their wedding next September, but have not booked any venues.

However, Wong has tried on some wedding gowns - on set.

For Wedding Of The Year, she was put through fittings of 10 gowns. A few of them were even from fashion designer Vera Wang.

Wong said that wearing the gowns felt romantic, as it seemed as though she was about to enter a real wedding shoot.

The couple has not decided on a honeymoon destination, but intend to organise an overseas tour with a group of friends for the occasion.

When this reporter opined that the idea is less than romantic, Lee was unconcerned.

"It's more fun to travel in a large group," he said, before adding cheekily that he and Wong would "have all the romance (they) want in the bedroom".

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