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Mon, Sep 20, 2010
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'It was purely for sex'

'It was purely for sex'

* After 12 years of marriage, the spark went out in Shalini's marriage. Her husband did not feel the need to be intimate. Feeling neglected, Shalini strayed.

"My husband no longer had the sexual drive. I spoke to him about it but he did not make an attempt to satisfy me. So, when I met a man who could give me the hugs and kisses, I did not think twice about having a sexual relationship outside my marriage.

"Whenever I travelled for work, I would ask this person to follow me and we would have a good time. There were no strings attached in this relationship. It was purely for sex. My husband never suspected or questioned me about my travels."

After a year into the affair, Shalini decided to give it up.

"I guess it was easy to give up because I was not emotionally involved with the other man. Yes, I did feel guilty about cheating my husband but it was something I did to satisfy my sexual needs.

"I do not know if my husband will be able to accept me if he found out, but I do not want to lose him or the children. No matter what, I love him. I realised that although sex was lacking in my marriage, my husband was a good friend and provider for the family."

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