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Wed, Dec 22, 2010
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Hurley dumps Horny Warnie

EVEN as their budding romance was beginning to develop – never mind they’re both still married to their spouses – Elizabeth Hurley has reportedly dumped former  Australian cricketer Shane Warne.

Warne seemed to be living up to the Horny Warnie nickname that his fans have given him, as he sent more than 100 sexually suggestive SMS messages to a married woman, Australian mother-of-two Adele Angeleri.

As the news of Warne’s texting became public, Hurley posted her take on the situation on Twitter:

“Er...please take any mentions of me in the latest thrilling instalment of the Jerry Springer-esque saga with a large pinch of salt.”

Warne is said to be devastated that his relationship with Hurley is over.

But that thought didn’t seem to enter his mind as he texted Mrs Angeleri.

The messages he is said to have sent her included mentions of how she made him “horny” and inspired “filthy, naughty dreams”.

Another message said: “Thinking of you, and yes very very horny today!!! Big kiss xx”.

A friend of the Angeleris told the News of the World: “She confessed she’d found it flattering at first. Warne’s a big star, after all. But she refused all his advances and they never slept together.

“Then when he got more and more persistent, she got worried.”

Mrs Angeleri’s husband, millionaire lawyer Denis Angeleri, confronted his wife after reading the messages, reported Britain’s Daily Mail.

She told him that the relationship didn’t develop further than the exchange of text messages and that she didn’t meet up with Warne, who is separated from his wife Simone.

Talking to the Sunday Mirror, Mr Angeleri blasted: “The only thing ShaneWarneis interested in is his d***. “As a person that has a wife who was pursued by him at the same time as Liz, I can tell you that it’s hard to be a fan when you see the texts and how he works.

“My message to Liz would be to steer well clear of him.”

Mr Angeleri set up a page on Twitter on Dec 5 exposing how Warne tried to steal his wife, just before Warne landed in Londonfor a tryst with Hurley. Mrs Angeleri said she started chatting with Warne when she called in to talk to the cricket legend about advertising for her business and they swapped phone numbers.

But instead of offering her business tips, Warne started sending her explicit text messages pestering her for sex.

Mr Angeleri decided to confront Warne at his office, but his personal assistant said the cricketer was in Adelaide commentating on the second England v Australia Ashes Test earlier this month.

Insisting on speaking to Warne, Mr Angeleri said: “They put me on the phone to him and I gave him an earful and told him to stay away from my wife.” His tirade was met with a stunned silence from Warne and the lawyer then slammed the phone, as Warne’s staff looked onin shock.

Mr Angeleri said: “I just want to give him a massive kick in the pants.

“But if I did give him a big kick up the a***,my family would be the ones left with the regrets. Warne doesn’t get treated like an ordinary person. He’s Teflon coated – nothing sticks.”

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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