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Wed, Dec 10, 2008
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Irene Ang reveals lucrative star "assignments"

A new fangled PR move? To gain corporate clients' accounts, some firms have already started offering up celebrities to take on such "cruising" assignments.
Celebrities do not need particular talent to apply for this assignment. They are not
required to perform, but they do need to qualify as "eye candy".
Wearing "very little" like a tiny bikini, and parading effortlessly in front of guests
would be enough. From cruising on a boat to "cruising" on a bed, the charges will be revised accordingly.
In an interview with Irene Ang who's helming her own artist management company, Fly Entertainment, she revealed that there were incidences when a client is looking to book her artistes to go onboard.
"What kind of performance are you looking for in the artist?" she had asked the client.

To her surprise, the response was peppered with mysterious laughter.
"No need to perform. Just dress up stunningly, and in "very little" clothes. Escorting
cruise guests is highly lucrative. You can fetch up to $2000 for a night."
Caught off guard, Ang was not sure of her client's intention until he clarified, "If the celebrity is willing to board the bed, she can make more money."
"Bed-boarding" allegedly fetches up to $5,000. On a "full" work shift, the artist can
fetch up to a five-figure sum sweetened by generous tips.
At this juncture, Ang finally understood the full meaning of "boarding" a cruise.

She politely declined the requests of this client (whom she has business dealings with) but decided that she would not want to make money from this "venture".
"If any artists would like, they can spin such money under the table, but I definitely would not endorse any Fly Entertainment artist for this."
According to interviews with some celebrities, an artist on the rise would unlikely take on such assignments even though the money is attractive, as she would not risk her reputation. In other words, starlets who dare to bare on boats and beds are most likely "average" talents at the fringe of stardom.

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