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Tue, Nov 23, 2010
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SK-II pledges 200,000 litres of drinking water to needy communities and women in need

Thirty-year old leading prestige skincare brand SK-II today pledged a donation of 200,000 litres of clear, drinkable water to World Vision (Singapore) in aid of women and communities across Asia in need. This move comes as part of SK-II Clear For Life project which was unveiled a mere two months ago.

Guided by SK-II's sharpened focus on bringing clarity to women's skin and lives, the SK-II Clear for Life project is dedicated to connecting women in need across Asia to a source of clear drinking water, so that they in turn can help empower their communities. For its inaugural year in Singapore, the SK-II Clear for Life project aims to raise a total of 3 million litres of clear, purified water.

The donation was marked by a symbolic light-up of a larger-than-life Christmas tree made of 20,000 bottles of Facial Treatment Essence - the much-loved iconic product at the heart of the SK-II brand - at an event in TANGS Orchard.

"For 30 years, SK-II has had the honour of transforming the skin of millions of women to crystal clarity with each drop of Pitera™, bringing an amazing change in their life perspectives. As skin changes, feelings change and ultimately, life changes. This captures our vision to bring a life filled with optimism, clarity and hope to women all over the world," said Mr Samuel Kim, P&G ASEAN Vice President.

"We now want to take this further with the SK-II Clear for Life project and hope to bring an even more powerful transformation to women and communities in need by providing something as simple, yet precious as clear drinking water. We hope our efforts will go a long towards bringing a brighter future to those in need."

Working in partnership with Procter and Gamble's Children's Safe Drinking Water Program, SK-II's life-enabling effort leverages on PUR™ packets, a sachet of powdered mixture that acts as a 'dirt magnet', making water drinkable in just 30 minutes.

"The PUR™ packets can provide clean, purified drinking water to a lot more individuals in many regions that lack basic sanitation and have no water infrastructure in place," said Mr James Quek, Executive Director of World Vision (Singapore).

"These packets can be easily distributed to remote areas that are highly inaccessible and where a community's water source is under threat. We will be working in close collaboration with SK-II to identify areas where PUR™ will be most needed."

Helping women with no access to drinking water: SK-II brand ambassador Qiqi pledges 100,000 litres of water to SK-II Clear For Life project.

In support of the SK-II Clear For Life project, SK-II brand ambassador and international supermodel Qiqi pledged a personal donation of 100,000 litres of water to those in need. Making a special appearance at the SK-II Christmas tree light-up event at TANGS Orchard today, Qiqi said, "Having witnessed the challenges of not having access to drinking water in my trips to disaster-stricken areas, I have realized how essential and precious water is. This underscores the significance of the SK-II Clear For Life project. The SK-II Clear for Life project is a meaningful effort that I am very proud to be part of it. I hope those who have been touched by SK-II's cause will support it."

Qiqi will also be making a trip to a community in Asia next year to present her donation on behalf of the SK-II Clear For Life project.

Helping to transform lives through the simple gift of clear safe drinking water

SK-II has kicked off a five-week campaign that aims to raise clear, purified water for World Vision before Christmas. Consumers can do their part, simply by purchasing a SK-II Festive set from TANGS Orchard.

For every purchase of the SK-II Festive set, SK-II will donate 30 litres of water to World Vision (Singapore). And for purchases amounting to $1,000, which include at least one SK-II Festive set, SK-II will donate 3,000 litres.

In addition, from 16 to 25 November 2010, SK-II will also be giving away free bottles of water to consumers at TANGS Orchard, serving as a reminder to treasure this precious gift of nature.

During the same period, consumers who purchase a SK-II Festive set can also enjoy complimentary pampering services at the SK-II event at TANG Plaza Promenade.

"As TANGS the Christmas Store, we are always striving to spread the Christmas cheer all around. We believe in celebrating Christmas with a cause and as such, are truly delighted to work with SK-II this year to support its Clear for Life project," said Ms Grace Lee, Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications, TANGS.

"We believe Christmas is a time for everyone to enjoy the festivities and at the same time, spread the cheer and goodwill to the less fortunate. We do hope our patrons at TANGS will be able to support the SK-II Clear For Life project."

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