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Wed, Jul 27, 2011
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Eating fats is good for the skin, says Tang Wei

SINGAPORE - Chinese actress Tang Wei, in town recently as brand ambassador for cosmetics company SK-II, says that eating fats from meat is good for your skin.

When the slender star – who rose to fame for her role in Ang Lee’s Lust, Caution - received surprised gasps from reporters, she defended her stand, saying that eating these foods will not cause you to grow fat if you exercise.

"It's good, because you [get] energy from [the] food," the 32-year-old said in a video interview with RazorTV. This allows you to work off the calories.

She shared that she tried other tactics to stay slim, including a form of extreme dieting, which involved sleeping for an entire day without eating.

Subsequently, the hunger would cause her to binge, making her "fatter in the end". Tang Wei recounted that her "body felt so weak", and that she "thinks it's not healthy.

Now, she's settled with a new regime, which involves exercise, "as much as [she] can.

Sharing her philosophy, she said that "when [you] eat more", all you need to do is "exercise more" to "use up the energy". You can then "eat more" after that.

She is a firm believer that one should just "eat as much as your body needs."

She encourages healthy living - "[sleeping] earlier, and [getting up] earlier", and "[doing] sports" to “sweat as much as you can” - too.

During the interview, Tang Wei also said that she was unaware of star Cecilia Chung's ongoing marital crisis with Nicholas Tse. Chung is her co-star in the new film Speed Angels.

Chung did not come to work with a heavy heart, was "selfless", and placed "importance in her acting", according to Tang Wei.

Elaborating, she said that despite Chung having a quarrelling scene - which may hit a sensitive spot - in the movie, she was willing to go ahead with it.

Tang Wei is best-known for her role as a student revolutionary in movie Lust, Caution. She won several awards - including one at the Cannes Film Festival and the Golden Horse Awards in 2008 - for it.

She has two new films - Wu Xia, and Speed Angels - coming up.

In the former, she plays the role of a mild-mannered, country-side mother and wife.

Her Speed Angels role, in contrast, sees her as a professional racer. Tang Wei had to learn taiji, and obtain a car racing license for it.

Eating fats is good for the skin, says Tang Wei
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