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Tue, Nov 29, 2011
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Has Marcus Chin fallen out with his girlfriend?

Veteran entertainer Marcus Chin, 57, has been rumoured to have fallen out with his girlfriend, Ms Eileen Cheah, 25.
The couple has recently been through repeated disagreements after Chin turned down Ms Cheah's request for him to buy her family a home, resulting in Chin moving out of their home in Malaysia, reported Shin Min Daily.
The saga revolving around their May-December relationship had taken a toll on Chin's income, so he could not afford to buy his girlfriend's family a new house.
Chin denies falling out with Ms Cheah, saying that while they have arguments like any normal couple, he tries to give in to her whenever possible. He also pointed out that their large age gap meant that there would be more differences.
These days, the couple has less arguments since they see each other less.
He has confirmed that he is renting a house in Singapore with some friends.

However, he said this arrangement is more convenient to facilitate his daily commute to and from work.
Chin revealed that he finishes work at a nightclub after midnight and has to go on air to host a radio show early in the morning, making it inconvenient for him to commute between Singapore and Malaysia every day.
Industry veterans have pointed out that the couple, who used to be inseparable, have stopped appearing together publicly for the past two or three months.
One male singer also observed Ms Cheah's absence. He initially thought that she was taking care of their daughter, but remembered seeing her with Chin even when their daughter was a lot younger. He assumed there were problems in their relationship.

Ms Cheah is current taking a nine-month beauty course in Singapore, but returns home to Malaysia every day.

Chin told Shin Min Daily that he plans to take some time off his job at the nightclub in December to spend quality time with his family.

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