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Here's to loving your laundry
by Josephine Price

HERMES. Louis Vuitton. Bally.

These are just three luxury brands that have been telling their customers to head to For The Love Of Laundry (FTLOL) when the subject of dry cleaning crops up.

And no wonder.

"I have sent in clothes from designer brands such as Martin Margiela, Commes des Garcons, Yohji Yamamoto, Hermes, and am always totally pleased with the result," said Ms June Ngan, 39, a regional training manager.

"It is hard to find a good dry cleaner in the local market. When you invest in clothing that ranges from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, you want to ensure that the dry cleaner knows how to handle the garment," she added.

The laundrette may have opened only in July, but it's already won praise for its innovative approach to getting hard-to-clean fabrics - think georgette, sequins and silk - looking good, and smelling good.

The laundrette is the brainchild of four young entrepreneurs - Mr Wee Teng Wen, co-founder of the Lo & Behold Group which runs restaurants like White Rabbit and OverEasy; his brother Wee Teng Chuen; and friends Russell Yu and Hiroki Obayashi - all of whom are involved in their own businesses as well.

And know that when you use the FTLOL service, you're choosing to be eco-conscious.

FTLOL is the only dry-cleaning company in Singapore which uses liquid silicone, according to its sales and marketing manager, Ms Tamasine Henderson.

Standard dry cleaners use perchloroethylene, a substance that the Environmental Protection Agency in the US has classified as a toxic air pollutant and potential carcinogen.

Many environmentalists believe that the residue on your clothes can't be healthy.

Liquid silicone, however, is non-toxic and safe, since it's an all-natural cleaner derived from sand. It can be found in many products, like shampoo and lotion. The technology won't cause fabrics to fade or shrink, allowing garments to last longer, too.

But there's more: FTLOL also allows you to turn in your plastic hangers, from any laundrette. For each hanger returned, FTLOL will donate five cents to charity.

"We stand out in a congested industry by adopting a caring and highly professional outlook on all ends of the service chain," said Ms Henderson.

The laundrette provides a pick-up and delivery service, too.

Prices at FTLOL start at $5 for a blouse or shirt, whereas at some dry cleaners, prices start at $3 or $4 for the same garment.

Said Ms Henderson: "Our method of cleaning will ensure your garments stay new for longer and a savvy fashion owner will understand this is a huge saving in the long run."

FTLOL, located in Club Street, has plans for another outlet at United Square.

For The Love Of Laundry is located at 31 Club Street (tel: 6265-1110). Visit

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