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Mon, Jan 16, 2012
The Business Times
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Inner beauty, at a pinch
by Melissa Lwee-Ramsay

Lancome Beauty Institutes at
Marina Bay Sands and Goodwood Park Hotel (Service Apartments)
Tel: 6737-6778

Lancome Recontouring Firming Body Treatment ($180) and Lancome Skin Corrector Facial Treatment ($290)

IT seems like only yesterday we were celebrating Christmas and indeed, given the early Chinese New Year this year, it feels as though it's been one long holiday.

While the constant festivities can be fun, one of the downsides to this is the constant eating. Let's all admit it - the binge that started in mid-December probably won't stop until Chinese New Year is over.

In that context, a treatment like the new Lancome Beauty Institute's Recontouring Firming Body Treatment could sound like a really good idea.

Designed to help with the elimination of excess fluid and toxins, the treatment is said to act against bloating from overeating.

But brace yourself for a good workout. This is a "no pain, no gain" sort of treatment. It is not exactly relaxing and there is some discomfort, thanks to the pinching motions that are used in the massage which is supposed to stimulate the body into releasing excess fluids and toxins trapped within the fat.

An ultrasound machine is also employed to penetrate deep into the dermis using a concentrated slimming draining concentrate, said to help heighten its efficacy.

All throughout the treatment, chromatherapy is utilised to allow the body to respond to the stimulating wavelengths of orange light to activate sluggish cellular metabolism.

That being said, the discomfort is rather worthwhile and the results are fairly positive. After one session, expect to feel lighter and less bloated.

To complement the body treatment - and a good way to pamper yourself after - you can add on the recently launched Lancome Skin Corrector Facial Treatment.

The facial begins with a thorough but gentle cleansing. A ritual using Japanese "Oshibori" hot towels, where towel after towel is draped over the face, ensures a constant supply of warm steam to open the pores.

A choreographed massage then manipulates the towels in rocking movements alternated with a shiatsu point massage. The facial muscles are instantly relaxed, and debris and pollution from pores is released.

An iontophoresis mask is placed over the entire face following a prodigious application of Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector that is designed to give you a more fine-textured and even-toned complexion. This is followed by a 34-minute fusion massage that increases the skin's microcirculation to improve cellular functions and drains the tissues of toxins.

The results: firmer skin that does look less stressed - just the thing to go with that light new body.

Finally, after the treatments, the institute serves a tea to aid detoxification from within. Composed of natural plant essences (rosemary, mint, orange, cinnamon, honey), the warming tea soothes and comforts the body.

It's the perfect end to a treatment that leaves you feeling like you're buoyant enough to walk on air - until that next big meal of course.

This article was first published in The Business Times.

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