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Mon, Feb 06, 2012
Her World
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Self-improvement therapy pt 3 - "I learned what makes me overspend"
by Ashley Chia

Problem: A shopaholic wants to curb her spendthrift habits
Solution: A "releasing" session

I am wary of self-help methods. But when I read about Lindwall Releasing - a technique that helps eliminate negative thoughts, emotions, habits and behaviours - I decided to try it to see if it could help curb (or cure) my free-spending ways.

Heiko Niedermeyer, Releasing teacher and facilitator of Singapore-based consultancy The Power of Releasing, assured me that "it's a holistic method that has been used by people from all walks of life around the world for the last 40 years".

In Releasing, a facilitator (Releaser) guides you to the root cause of an issue by asking key questions to identify any subconscious beliefs, ideas or feelings formed or learned in your past that may be limiting your thoughts and influencing your actions today.

The Releaser then forms statements you have to say out loud. For example: "I release the belief from my father that however hard I work, I will never be rich." Apparently, the method can be used for relationships, self-confidence, career or health, too.

But it isn't a quick fix, said Selina, Heiko's wife and fellow Releasing teacher and facilitator. "Your problem won't disappear," she warned. "But releasing your limiting beliefs will help you take the actions you need to take."

I had a two-hour private session in the couple's home in Marine Parade. Wearing comfortable clothes and no makeup, I lay on a couch - eyes closed so I wouldn't be distracted and would be focused - and was told to be open, honest and "surrendering" while Heiko and Selina asked me about my family and history.

I was told to think back to negative events in my life, then say out loud "I release…" whatever popped up in my mind. My imprudent money management was traced to my childhood. And believe it or not, I did feel a sense of relief and calm each time I said the "I release..." mantra.

After the intense session, I felt like a burden had been lifted from me. Strangely, I also felt really hungry, perhaps because the session had been so emotionally intense. But no way is one session enough for me to change things for the better. Selina suggests at least three.

Over the next few days, whenever I thought about my lack of financial discipline, I somehow felt I was more in control of the decisions I would make about my spending habits. One step forward: I haven't bought any new shoes since.

The Power of Releasing by Heiko and Selina Niedermeyer, tel: 9025-8957 or visit From $500 for a private two-hour session.


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