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Thu, Mar 29, 2012
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How to make eyes appear bigger using makeup
by Kelly Misa

I happen to read your article on eyelashes and I'm just curious to try it for my upcoming graduation picture shoot.

I use eyeglasses all the time and some people say I look different when I don't wear my eyeglasses.

I took a picture of myself without eyeglasses and I preferred how I looked like when I'm wearing glasses because my eyes looked small, dull and tired without it.

What do you think I should do for my graduation photo?


While applying a healthy dose of mascara helps make lashes look longer and thicker, and wearing false eyelashes makes eyes appear bigger, eyeglasses are the next best way to frame your face and bring focus to your eyes.

Obviously, glasses were made so we can see better and some of us can't even function without it. But clearly, the right pair can make you look younger, more stylish and even prettier.

This is why I get why you're so attached to your glasses. You've been wearing them for so long your friends probably don't recognize you without them.

And you kind of become self-conscious when you're not wearing them.

I'm not sure if they will allow you to wear glasses for your graduation photo, but I suggest you go with what you're most comfortable in.

Whether that means wearing your glasses or going without it, taking a good photo is all about confidence.

On that note, I also suggest you keep an open mind when it comes to wearing makeup sans glasses.

I pretty much have the same problem, being chinita, and I understand how lifeless your eyes can look without its usual frame.

But I've also come to realize how much makeup can change your look and really make your eyes look bigger and brighter, especially for photos.

Now, the best way to approach this is to practice applying makeup or maybe hire a professional makeup artist who understands the look you want (you don't want to look like a completely different person on your graduation photo).

Leaving makeup up to chance, or practicing until the last minute usually doesn't end up as pretty as you want it. Practice makes close to perfect, and like any new thing you learn you need to allot time and energy to be good at it.

Whether you choose to wear your glasses or not, it is always useful to know how to make your eyes look bigger using makeup.

Listed below are my tried-and-tested tips on how to enhance, lengthen or widen your eyes.

Create a soft smoky eye. The best way to define those eyes is to use a matte brown eyeshadow in a shade like sand, nut-brown or coffee.

This creates the illusion of deep-set eyes, making eyes appear bigger. To get that smoky eye right, apply the shadow from your lash line, blending outward until just under your brow bone (you can feel it, just follow the outline of your eye socket).

The important thing here is to blend, blend, blend, until your eyeshadow softly fades outwards. Using an eyeshadow brush will give you an even application, and a blending brush will erase harsh uneven lines.

Use black waterproof liner. This takes some practice, but when done right makes the eyes pop. Gently use your finger to slightly open up your eye, exposing your upper lash line.

Then using black or brown waterproof eyeliner, draw on the line closest to your lashes. Doing this creates a clean line so when you apply mascara the base of your eyelashes are also dark.

Apply multiple coats of mascara. Loads of mascara really give your eyes a wide-awake look, but not without curling them first.

Press your lashes onto an eyelash curler at different points of your lashes so as to create a natural curve instead of a stiff fan.

Then apply two to three coats of volumizing mascara (use lengthening mascara if your eyelashes are already thick).

Try wearing falsies. If you can't stand mascara, another option is to wear false eyelashes.

The tricky part here is to find the right one: You don't want a pair that is too garish or unnatural.

You want falsies that are lush without looking too heavy, as these can cover your eyes or make them look droopy.

Now, these usually come in an extra-long size, so don't forget to measure them first on your eyes and cut accordingly.

Before you apply the falsies, curl your eyelashes first to ensure it blends well with the extra fringe.

Then, using the base part of your tweezers or the tip of the holder of one of your makeup brushes, lightly spread the glue on the falsies and apply to the top of your lash line.

Adjust while the glue is still wet, pushing the falsies closest to the root of your eyelashes. To be sure, add a coat of mascara to bring together your natural lashes with your falsies.

Highlight. Using a soft, light-colored shimmery eyeshadow in beige, buff or light peach makes eyes brighter and gives it depth.

Apply the shadow on top of your brow bone and on the inner corners of your eyes.

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