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Mon, May 07, 2012
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Three looks for your lashes
by Kinny Salas

Unless you were born with them, every woman wants long, curly, lush lashes.

Yet, most women who get extensions walk away unsatisfied because the experience is not what they had envisioned.

In Browhaus, the Express Lash in Bloom (P2,750 (S$81) , plus P795 for tune-ups) gives customers three options:

Simple Look: Those who don't know you will think your bare lashes are naturally long, lush and curly.

Cat's Eye: Shorter strands by the inner eye that gets longer as you reach the outer end, to give the flirtatious effect of looking at someone from under your eyelashes.

Barbie: Fan-shaped veil where the longest strands in the center become dense, as if twelve coats of clump-free volumnising mascara were applied on every single lash.

I have the typical Asian Double eyelid and though lashes are long enough, the strands are very thin and few.

So I opted for the Barbie, as lash volume has always been a frustration for me and it eliminates any need for mascara and daily eye shadow, especially in photos.

My brows were threaded to their perfect arch to compliment my face shape and the size of my eyes.

My eyes just looked more noticeable and open. No more runny mascara problems for a while, too.

What I love is that the perming of lashes is included in the price.

The threading also uses 100-per cent cotton thread, so the pain factor is lessened by about 70 per cent.

And the salon has after-care salves to soothe sensitive skin after hair removal.

Those who want the Simple Look may want to consider the Lash in Bloom Strand by Strand application (P3,800 and P495/10 lashes tune-up), but prepare to wait a minimum of 90 minutes for the procedure to be finished, compared to Express Lash's 40 minutes.

Lashes last an average of three to four weeks before tune-ups are needed.

This procedure, though, is not advisable for those who sleep face down, cannot stand not scrubbing the eye area to feel clean, have allergies and sensitive runny eyes, or play contact sports.

Budget mascara

Attention, mascara lovers on a budget: Fashion 21 Double-Up Mascara Pros are only P225.

Lashes do look more defined without clumping, and the bristles on the wand make it easy to apply even on shorter bottom lashes.

Easy to take off, too. Available in most department stores, drugstores and some supermarkets.

Downside: does not hold a curl, and smears in this heat.

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