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Sun, Aug 26, 2012
The New Paper
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Peh's in no hurry to settle down

It has been three years since she started dating fellow actor Bobby Tonelli, but Joanne Peh says she’s not ready to walk down the aisle.

Asked if wedding bells are going to ring for the couple any time soon, Peh, 28, laughed and joked: “I don’t hear them yet.”

The actress returns to Channel 5 next month to play a lawyer in the 10-part series Code of Law, alongside Keagan Kang.

When The New Paper met her yesterday she said she and Tonelli, 36, have not been feeling any pressure, except from the inquisitive media, to make that commitment.

“My family doesn’t really pressure me into doing it,” she said.

“Reporters will always ask, though. If you’re single,

‘Are you dating?’ If you’re dating, ‘Are you (going to get) married?’ If you’re married, ‘Are you going to have kids?’

“It’s only when you complete the whole picture that people leave you alone. Or at least until you get to the age when you’re too old to have kids!”

They will not get married because the media is constantly asking about it.

“I think we’re quite clear that we’re not going to do it because everyone else is asking us about it,” she said.

When she was younger, Peh thought 24 would be the ideal age for tying the knot. But four years on, she has a new perspective.

“I no longer have this fairy-tale notion of two people living happily ever after, and I’m going to be in a princess-y beautiful gown with flower girls...None of that now,” she said.

Her new outlook could be due to a combination of factors – having played out the wedding fantasy on TV and that she has seen relationships crumble around her.

“I’ve been married many times on TV, so wearing that (wedding)gown isn’t really a big deal,” she said.

“Or it may just be a matter of growing up and seeing people around me getting married, divorced, remarried. All these only make me more aware that a relationship is never perfect even after getting married.”

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