updated 27 Dec 2012, 18:28
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Mon, Oct 08, 2012
The Star/ANN
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Mistresses longing to be 'unkept'

MALAYSIA - Metro Ahad reported on the life stories of several young women who became mistresses of businessmen.

One of them, Nadia, 33, agreed to became the "hidden girlfriend" of a 53-year-old businessman after he promised to make her his second wife.

Nadia, who hails from a small village in the north, came to Kuala Lumpur to work as a factory worker 12 years ago. However, things changed when she met Zahrain, who gave her a RM5,000 (S$2,000) monthly allowance, a house and a car.

"He comes to the house almost every day, but he always goes home to his wife and three children every night," said Nadia. "I asked him about marriage, but he always tells me to be patient.

"Like other women, I do want to be a wife and a mother now that I'm getting older. I cannot go on having an illicit relationship," she told the paper.

Another mistress Lina, 28, is jobless, but is a mistress to two businessmen.

She met the first, Khairil (not his real name), and became his assistant at his office.

"He then told me that he had feelings for me," she recalled. "I was young then and I did what he had asked me to do, including sex. I was later given RM5,000, a house and a car."

Lina said she then left him and met another businessman, who gave her RM8,000 a month.

"They had families, but I didn't mind at all," she said. "I have thought about getting married to a bachelor and leaving this life of sin. But, I have not found a suitable man who can be my husband," she added.

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