updated 3 Nov 2012, 11:06
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Thu, Nov 01, 2012
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Body shapers for full-figured women

To help full-figured women look even shapelier, Ms Read has brought in Julie France Body Shapers from the United States.

Seamless and lightweight, Julie France Body Shapers are made from breathable, moisture-wicking microfibre that forms an effortless shape on the body, making it hardly noticeable even under body-hugging outfits.

It uses three-dimensional technology to form zone-specific contouring panels and the Body Shaper works with the body's muscular structure, ensuring the appropriate amount of compression on each major muscle group.

While some shapewear feels constricting and creates unsightly bulges and unnaturally contorts the body, this brand claims to ensure optimal comfort while camouflaging imperfections, without producing unpleasant lines or bumps.

It comes in six styles - the Cami Dress Shaper, Cami Shaper, High Waist Capri Leggings, High Waist Boxer Shaper, Leger Frontless Body Shaper and Leger High Waist Boxer Shaper, and available in medium, large, extra-large and double extra-large.

Each style targets individual problem areas often faced by fuller-figured women so it helps tuck the tummy and slim the waist, define the thighs, lifts and supports the bust and rear.

This internationally recognised brand has come up with a higher compression shapewear collection called Leger, which is available at Ms Read.

Leger uses finer, softer yarns to produce ultra-light shapewear that offers graduated compression, extreme comfort and maximum breathability while offering you a flattering silhouette.

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