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Wed, Nov 28, 2012
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Triumph Japan unveils metallic concept bra

The Japanese division of German company Triumph International has unveiled its latest concept bra, called the "Women Restoration Bra".

The unique undergarment was unveiled on Nov 13 in Tokyo, and is a show of support for the rise of Japanese women on the world stage and at home.

The item features shapeable metallic breast cups made of tin, forged by a female cast metal artisan, Yuko Hagiwara.

On the bra strap and skirt are two metallic cherry blossoms. The undergarment also features convenient side pockets, which can hold a comb and mirror.

The patterns on the midsection of the undergarment was also handcrafted by a female blacksmith.

When the patterns are placed side by side, they form the words, "restoration", to celebrate the achievements of Japanese women on the world stage.

According to the Global Gender Gap report 2012, released by the World Economic Forum, Japan was ranked 101 among 135 countries in terms of gender equality.

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Photos here.

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