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Fri, Dec 07, 2012
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Party in style this Christmas
by Georgina Gray

IT'S party season, and it's time to amp up your wardrobe.

The abundance of social events also means that spirits are high - and inhibitions low - making it the perfect time to catch the eye of someone you fancy.

Deciding what to wear, however, can be tricky.

Dress too conservatively and you might appear stand-offish. Dress too sexily, and you can come off looking desperate.

"Dressing skimpily doesn't necessarily get you the right kind of attention," said Ms Lee Ann Sidik, an executive assistant at an advertising agency in her late 20s.

For some, the festive season is an opportunity to be edgier and go for things they would not normally wear.

Said Ms Perlyn Leong, 36, deputy director of a luxury magazine: "This party season, I'm into leather and studs."

As for men, they are also mulling over what to wear. Mr Jet Aw, a 37-year-old senior copywriter, has it all planned out.

"I'll go with basics that fit. A button-down shirt, trousers of the right length (that aren't black) and a good pair of shoes."

He added that he'd pair that with an unlined, linen sport coat "to dress the outfit up, depending on the occasion".

"If that's over the top, I'll take it off upon arrival - or put it on a special lady if it gets a little too chilly," he added with a laugh.

Do make sure that what you wear is right for the occasion. When in doubt, overdress (such as wearing formal shoes) rather than under-dress (meaning going out in slippers). This shows respect for the host of the party.

We sought more advice from the experts - designer Jo Soh, 36, owner of clothing label Hansel; stylist and designer Anna En, 22; and designers Kenny Lim, 35, and Andrew Loh, 37, co-directors of fashion label Depression - on what to wear to year-end, glittery events.

Here's what they had to say.


Jo: For women, an understated peplum-sleeve shift dress with a touch of vintage glamour, accentuated by a glittery handmade brooch, is perfect for this season.

Kenny: Ladies, wear a dress that shows some leg, or a hint of shoulder, like a shift dress with a detachable cape to cover up strategic areas and leave a little room for the imagination.

Andrew: Guys, throw your colleagues off guard by showing them your more fashionable side. Never look too stuffy and boring. Opt for a creative jacket like a three-tier blazer.

Anna: Guys, wear a suit jacket with leather details or in an interesting textile. Experiment with prints and colours for the shirt, or pair your jacket with a basic tee, dark jeans and casual shoes.


Jo: Girls, let your personality shine through and enjoy the party in an elegant and fuss-free halter-neck maxi dress.

Anna: This is the time to pull out your statement pieces, ladies. Origami folds, metal studs - let them all make an appearance. And guys, don a well-tailored pair of dress shoes.

Kenny: Women should up the glam factor. Wear a long, drapey dress with dramatic studded wedges or blinged-out heels to add height and give you the confidence to strut.

Andrew: Guys, opt for semi-formal chic. Go with a reinvented classic - a draped jacket with a tailcoat.


Jo: Wear a strappy, pleated dress paired with a peplum cardigan. The outfit is figure-flattering, and allows you to mingle and party in comfort.

Anna: A basic tee with a beautiful- ly-knitted sweater that has a big V-neckline, with a pair of comfortable jeans or chinos, would be my pick for women. Guys should be similarly casual in dressing, in a denim shirt with a basic white tee, matched with comfortable dark jeans and sneakers.

Kenny: Ladies, wear a quirky and whimsical dress to show the guy you fancy that you know how to have a good time.


Jo: Girls, stop traffic in a draped shift dress in a bold colour. It's easy to wear and flaunts sensuality and style effortlessly.

Anna: Guys, go experiment with bright colours, or even neon details. Wear a well-fitted printed tee, paired with casual bermudas, chinos or jeans. Finish the look with casual shoes or a comfortable pair of leather sandals.

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