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Fri, Dec 28, 2012
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Why Kate Pang hates social settings
by Kwok Kar Peng

Kate Pang won the Best Newcomer Award at Star Awards this year.

I bet most of you don’t remember that.

But you would probably know her as the one who kissed Vivian Lai on the mouth after the latter was named one of the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes that same night in April.

Some viewers were aghast at the girl-on-girl kiss and it was censored from the repeat telecast of Star Awards.

Pang, a model in Taiwan before she moved here, told The New Paper in a recent interview that she’s not always the witty livewire that she is on MediaCorp variety shows.

The 29-year-old hosted beauty and health programme My Fair Ladies with Lai and made guest appearances in a few other shows.

“There are days when I stay at home the entire day and not talk at all. On other days, I go out alone,” she told The New Paper.

“In front of other people, I appear happy. But when I’m alone, I’m emotionless. Some people see mel ike that and think I’m arrogant.”

Talking to us in between the filming of the Channel U drama Start-Up!, she said she doesn’t have a lot of friends here. She’s not the sort who would message her friends when she’s upset.

Instead, she’ll sleep or cry it off.

She added: “I don’t like social settings where there are a lot people I don’t know.

“I’ll go to a corner and become very quiet, wishing people wouldn’t notice me.”

But when she goes out with friends, she will be more like her TV persona, making everyone laugh.

When they are happy, she’s happy, she said.

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