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Sat, Dec 29, 2012
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Anne Hathaway: Why still so miserably skinny?

Hey, Anne Hathaway.

It’s been a while since you had to lose weight for your marvellous destitute prostitute role in Les Miserables ...can we go back to your pre-Catwoman figure already? I mean, we know how important it is for actresses to commit to a role, but girl, you’re looking way too skinny at the moment.

Has anyone shown you pictures of your red-carpet appearances circa 2006 for The Devil Wears Prada? Back then, you had rosy cheeks and you were bursting out of all your gowns – in a good way.

At the recent appearances for your historical musical-romance Les Miserables, you’ve looked more than a little severe with your choppy pixie cut emphasising the harsh angles on your face.

Let’s look at your last few red-carpet looks and leave this phase behind forever, okay?

1. Normally, a peek-a-boo top on Hathaway would warrant a second look, but the black dress she wore to the Tokyo press event for Les Miserables just falls flat, if you know what I mean.

The dress itself is a bit of a conundrum – the unique strap-and-neckline combo on top is completely mismatched with a prairie dress-type hemline.

On the skinny Hathaway, the length and the pairing with simple peep-toe heels makes for a very unfashionable look.

2. This dramatic white Givenchy couture gown is why the world needs designers and stylists.

Since Hathaway seemed determined to keep her hair and make-up simple on her Les Miserables promotional tour, someone smartly decided to put her in a gown that would do all the work for her.

Sure, from afar, it does look a little bit like a (very fancy) blanket with holes cut out for sleeves, but on Hathaway, it brings out the flush on her cheeks and emphasises the curves she seems to be so set on hiding.
3. When you’re as pale as Hathaway is, flesh tones should be avoided.

Yes, even when it’s a pretty Nina Ricci dress with sequins, which she wore to an event at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City to pay tribute to Les Miserables co-star Hugh Jackman.

Bony Hathaway seems lost in a dress that, because of its colour, does not give her any definition.

4. Another win for Hathaway and/or her stylist is this dramatic black taffeta gown – with cape! – by Tom Ford that Hathaway wore to the New York premiere.

She matched it with vegan-friendly non-leather, thigh-high bondage stilettos, also by Ford.

Perhaps it is a tad too much – the footwear is competing for attention from a dress that really should have been allowed to shine by itself.

But if Hathaway insists on this new severity for her red-carpet looks, then all-out Alien queen is not a bad way to do it.

 – Juliana June Rasul





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