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Mon, Feb 11, 2013
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Being pretty isn't everything
by Charlene Chua

Are beautiful people more successful in the love stakes?

Several models have written in to win a date with Paul Foster this Valentine's Day, but will they stand a better chance at being picked?

Since The New Paper launched our date-a-celeb series featuring the TV host and fellow bachelor, radio DJ Mike Kasem, last week, applications have been pouring in.

The entry forms are on our website on and the closing date is tomorrow.

Foster, 32, told The New Paper: "Well, I have dated a few models in my lifetime.

"So no, they don't necessarily stand a better chance.

There's more to someone than just their physical beauty.

"I'm definitely for the tri-factor of beauty, personality and connection - there needs to be a synergy between all of them.

"I believe that the ultimate attraction comes from finding all three factors irresistible in someone."

All the shortlisted women were asked to make a video introducing themselves to Foster and Kasem, so that the guys could get a better sense of who these ladies were. But the guys have not seen the videos yet.

Foster admitted that it was a tough job trying to pick potential dates from "reading the application and seeing one photograph".

His criteria for selection? Someone who is sincere, natural, "not too fan-nish" and doesn't try too hard.

To all the "non-models" out there who may feel intimidated by the competition, Foster has this to say:

"I think first of all everything comes from self-confidence.

"But in this case, I'd say you didn't write in for anyone else but yourself and me, so don't worry about your 'competition'.

"If you've been brave enough to apply in the first place, then you are already better than 'ordinary'."

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