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Mon, Feb 11, 2013
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He looks sweet and lovable

Maralizette Cabral, 21, model

She moved to Singapore a month ago to begin her healing process.

Filipino model Maralizette Cabral -who goes by her professional name Trixie -was devastated when her boyfriend cheated on her and left her for someone else.

What made her experience even more heart-wrenching was that her ex, who is also a model in the Philippines, was her first boyfriend.

In Singapore, the first man who caught her eye was none other than Paul Foster.

Miss Cabral, 21, is hoping that he can be the one to turn her life around.

She said: "I moved here because I was broken-hearted.

"I saw Paul's picture in The New Paper, and he looked very sweet and lovable.

"I then Googled him, watched him on YouTube and learnt that he was a model and a host.

"A simple date is okay as long as I'm with him. He seems very charming."

Her parents are moving to Singapore soon to be with her, a decision they made before she signed up for the contest.

She is starting work as a customer service officer after the Chinese New Year holidays.

Having been burnt by her ex-flame, her biggest wish is "learning to trust again" in her next relationship.

She said that she hasn't met many local men yet, but thinks they seem nice and stable.

By contrast, the men in the Philippines are flirty and most of them have a playboy streak.

She added: "So far, I'm enjoying Singapore. The environment is very pleasant here.

"I hope that Paul picks me for the date because I want to really give it a shot with him.

"From what I've read in the article, I think I have all the qualities that he's looking for in a girl.

"He's what I'm looking for because he looks Asian, with a hint of Caucasian. I find that attractive."

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