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Sun, Jul 14, 2013
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Mid-year break for your body
by Gladys Chung


Body Lift Sculptor at the Clarins Skin Spa 05-05 Wheelock Place $175 for 60 minutes

What it is: This treatment promises less visible cellulite and a slimmer-looking body. It uses a combination of a lymphatic draining massage technique, pressure point movements and Clarins' new Body Contouring Cellulite Control Gel Mask from the brand's professional range. The mask contains aquatic mint extract to prevent the multiplication of fat cells, celosia to impede the formation of early cellulite and caffeine to prevent the storage of fat cells.

The treatment: I have always been a fan of Clarins' face and body treatments because the massages at its spa are thorough and relaxing. This treatment did not disappoint.

An exfoliating body lotion was first applied on my skin to condition it; followed by the contouring gel mask and a firming body supplement.

After that, another layer of contouring gel mask was massaged into my skin, after which plastic was wrapped around my limbs and body to improve the product penetration. I was wrapped up for at least 10minutes and felt slightly uncomfortable.

However, after the treatment, my body felt lighter and looked firmer, probably due to less water retention, thanks to the lymphatic draining massage. For the next three days, I also noticed that the cellulite on my arms and thighs were less obvious.

To see long-term results, the spa suggests a treatment about once a week.

Deep Tissue Massage and Salt Cave Treatment at Verita 308 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park

$120 for 60 minutes (Deep Tissue Massage); $45 for 60 minutes (Salt Cave Treatment)

What it is: A firm massage promises to get rid of the knots and tension deep in the body. A complementary hour-long therapy in the Salt Cave - a dimly lit room where the air is saturated with fine particles of salt that has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to clear the respiratory tract - is recommended for a more holistic session.

The treatment: My session started off with the Salt Cave treatment; I was encouraged to do so, so that my muscles would be more relaxed for the massage.

After putting on a shower cap and slippers and in my regular clothes, I was led into a dim and cool room where the walls, ceiling and floor are covered in fine salt.

I settled into a reclining chair and took deep breaths. The salt particles in the air left a slightly salty taste in my mouth. I have a sinus problem and 30minutes into the session, I could feel that my sore and sensitive nasal passages were soothed.

I also liked the deep tissue massage, which took place in one of the treatment rooms.

Somehow, the therapist managed to remove most of the knots in my shoulders without torturing me too much.

She also paid attention to my reactions when she massaged the sensitive but tense areas of my body, such as the lower neck and back, and regularly checked on how comfortable I was.

IPL Ace Treatment at Strip

Visit for salon locations

Bring along this page and enjoy a promotional price of $88 per session for the underarms (usual price $481.50) and $188 per session for a Brazilian treatment (usual price $963). Promotion ends Aug 12

What it is: Where Strip's previous Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments used to focus only on hair removal, this new semi-permanent IPL treatment also brightens the skin and stimulates collagen production for firmer skin.

After six to eight monthly sessions, it promises to reduce hair growth by up to 80 per cent for about two years.

The treatment: I opted to remove the hair from my underarms. After shaving the areas, the therapist applied two rounds of IPL on each underarm. The process was painless and it was over in less than an hour.

Afterwards, I did not notice a change in the colour of my skin, but it did look smoother.

My hair usually grows back three days after I shave. But after the treatment, the hair grew back only about 10 days later.

Even then, it looked 50 per cent finer and there was 80 per cent less hair than usual.

Two months later, my hair growth is still just 30 per cent of what it used to be.

If you usually wax, wait four to five weeks after your last waxing session before going for this treatment, as the hair follicles have to be present for IPL to work.


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