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Thu, Aug 29, 2013
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TV presenter's rich beau arrested for break-in

A wealthy Chinese businessman heard rumours that his celebrity TV presenter girlfriend was seeing another man, so he flew to Hong Kong in his private jet to confront her.

Instead, Li Jun, 42, was arrested last Thursday for burglary and possession of a prohibited weapon.

Li's girlfriend is Phoenix TV's Shen Xing, 38, reputed to be the most beautiful TV presenter in China, reported Hong Kong's The Standard.

Li flew into Hong Kong last Wednesday evening and went straight to Miss Shen's Jade Court apartment in the upscale Kowloon Tong residential district, but she was not home.

He returned the next morning at about 7.35am, but Miss Shen refused to open the door. Li then asked his driver, known as Chan, to drive the seven- seater vehicle up to the compound's wall and Li climbed over.

Armed with a telescopic baton, he smashed the French window on Miss Shen's first-floor balcony and climbed in.

He found another businessman, Mr Wu Jian, 46, in the apartment, a source told The Standard.

Li's break-in was caught on CCTV and a security guard called the police.


A police investigator told South China Morning Post that "during the heated argument, there was a scuffle between him and the woman, and she was pushed to the floor".

Miss Shen injured her hand and leg when she tried to separate the two men.

She was later taken to a medical centre for treatment and covered herself with a blanket, mask and hat to avoid being photographed by the media.

After making a statement at the police station in the afternoon, she left in a Phoenix TV car.

Police found Li's baton in her apartment and arrested him for burglary and possession of a prohibited weapon. His driver, Chan, was arrested for assisting in a burglary.

A source told The Standard that Li and Mr Wu were boyfriends of Miss Shen and that Mr Wu had arrived in Hong Kong last Tuesday.

Miss Shen had bought the apartment in 2006 for HK$6.3 million (S$1 million). It is said to be worth HK$10 million now.

The TV presenter, who is a native of Jiangxi, graduated from the Central China Normal University in Wuhan and majored in Chinese.

She started working with mainland Chinese TV stations in 1997 and joined Phoenix at the end of 2004. She has hosted cooking, entertainment and music programmes.

Miss Shen reportedly married a businessman known only as Mr Chen, but the marriage fell apart following rumours that she was seeing director Feng Xiaogang two years ago.

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