updated 24 Dec 2010, 13:13
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Mon, Mar 02, 2009
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Jacelyn Tay - from bankrupt to millionaire

Three years ago, actress-turned-businesswoman Jacelyn Tay announced that her then-June wedding was off.

These days, she is happily admitting to being in love and does not refute hearsay that she may even be getting married this year.

She revealed in a recent interview with Chinese magazine, Nu You, that she is in a stable relationship with her current boyfriend, and if he should propose, she will consider marriage.

On her dream wedding, she hopes to hold the ceremony in church. She even went as far as to reveal that she would not mind getting married this year if she can make it in time, what with all the preparations that a wedding requires.

She has also been occupied with her holistic health centre, The Health Club, since setting it up in 2006, two years after she was discharged from bankruptcy in 2004.

And things on the business front is going well too, she admits. She has seen her business expand, despite the recession. She also says that she is now a millionaire as well.

But it seems no one knows who is the mystery boyfriend. A check by Shinmin Daily News reporters with Jacelyn's celebrity friends turned up little information on her beau, since the reticent ex-actress does not like to reveal to much of her private life.

However, Jacelyn did reveal in the magazine interview that she cannot accept men who were scruffy-looking, acted 'cool' or thought too highly of themselves.

She said: " I think I wouldn't even give men who think too much of themselves a second glance."

But she said she like men who were honest and simple. Better still if he had a calm and steady personality. She added: "I think men who are humble are adorable too, since they are the ones with self-confidence."

Ex-boyfriend Terence Cao is happy for Jacelyn
When ex-beau Terence Cao found out that Jacelyn was in a relationship, he expressed happiness for her.

He jokingly added: "It's time she got married - her mother has been waiting a long time to hear good news from her."

Actress Hong Huifang said that she last spoke to Jacelyn during the Chinese New Year period.

However, their group of friends were chatting and indulging in small talk, so they did not get to update each other about their personal lives.

But she added: "I'm sure she will inform me if there is good news."

readers' comments
Heaven shuts the door but leaves a window open 天无绝人之路
Posted by sure_win on Tue, 25 May 2010 at 02:00 AM
that bankruptcy came quickly and over a year, she repaid all debts, it is really amazing how a woman can acquire all this money in such short period of time. not that she was fann wong, doing movies or what. and more amazing, she had money to set up the business after repaying the debt and be a millionaire in the next year.

i find it rather unbelievable.
Posted by EnigmaE on Mon, 24 May 2010 at 23:24 PM
so easy meh? lolx
Posted by karmawillcome on Tue, 3 Mar 2009 at 19:54 PM

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