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Fri, Mar 06, 2009
The Straits Times
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Cecilia Cheung's tirade

Hong Kong - Hong Kong cable TV channel iCable Entertainment News has shelved the telecast of the concluding half of its interview with actress Cecilia Cheung.

In the first half of the programme aired last Friday, the 28-year-old broke her silence and launched an attack on Chinese-Canadian actor Edison Chen over a sex photo scandal.

Racy photographs of her and other female celebrities, including Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan and Rachel Ngan, taken by Chen were leaked online last year.

The cable TV channel said on Monday that Cheung had been harassed by the media speculating about the details of the second part of the interview, and that its staff had been inconvenienced.

It was pulling the show 'out of respect for, and to protect' her, it added.

Here are a few explosive extracts from the first half of the programme that was aired.

'Time bomb in my heart'

Cheung recalling her reaction when she first found out about the leak of her sex photos:

It was like having a time bomb in my heart. I was frightened, so frightened that I didn't know how to tell people how frightened I was.

I thought these were private, and Mr Chen assured me he would not show them to a third person.

I told myself it was okay. He really said he would not show them to people. Relax.

I was lying to myself but really so frightened because I had done it.

When I received word that the photos would come out, that they would come out all over Hong Kong, I was so frightened then.

Lucas was seven, eight months old then. I went to the room to hold my son. I was so frightened I don't know how to describe it, so frightened that my legs turned to jelly. I nearly lost my balance.

But as I held and gazed at my son, I told myself that if I, as an adult, could not get back on my feet, how could a helpless child stand on his own?

'I've had enough of Edison'

On Chen's 'lies':

Yesterday, the headlines said: 'They have suffered enough.' Today, I have had enough. It is not what Edison Chen says, that these female victims have suffered enough. It is just, I have had enough of you.

You have always said you hope the victims can be healthy. The one who has hurt us the most is not the media. It is you. We have had enough of you.

How dare you, talking to reporters outside court, speak of justice? You, the cat that weeps over the dead mouse, say you want to protect us? How dare you lie with open eyes?

I thought he would not lie after he accepted Christ. When I read the news, I was so disappointed. He accepted Christ after the scandal. He said he sought refuge in Christianity. But he is lying with open eyes.

A year ago, he said at a press conference that he would do his utmost to protect the female victims.

He has done nothing. He has not protected us. The photos are still circulating online. He has not done anything to stop it. How can we live a healthy and happy life? How can we get back on our feet?

He has never apologised to us personally and only says it to the public.

My manager knew that the photos would be published and called him. He said: 'I'm in a meeting, dealing with it. Call you soon.'

Then, bang, he hung up. We were frightened, we called him again and he had turned the phone off.

'I'm not a victim'

On shouldering the blame for the photos:

My friends, family and manager all tell me not to blame myself too much. They say I'm a victim, many ordinary people have done this and it is just that I'm a public figure.

I want to say I'm not a victim. Maybe many people have done this, and there are things I cannot control. But I think I cannot deny what I have done. I'm a public figure, I'm an idol and my actions will affect the next generation.

I decided to punish myself, to face up to all my responsibilities. I didn't tell people my story because I didn't want any sympathy. I went out as usual.

It felt terrible. As a woman, I felt terrible. I did it for my son, so I can tell him that Mummy made a mistake, Mummy was wrong.

'My mistake affected my family'

On an occasion when she broke down over the scandal:

On the night we flew home from Thailand - my husband had been filming there - I was holding Lucas and my heart was pounding. I knew there would be many reporters in the airport.

I wasn't embarrassed for myself. Many reporters took photos of my appearance with my husband and when I went home, I wept terribly. Because my mistake had affected my family.

'The family would stand together'

On the support of her husband, actor Nicholas Tse, and in-laws, actor Patrick Tse and former actress Deborah Li:

My father-in-law, on the first day the photos were published, he came to my house.

He didn't say anything. He acted as if he was visiting Lucas. I knew he was sending me a message: Whatever it was, the family would stand together.

My mother-in-law, too, didn't say anything. She gave me two porcelain dolls holding up a lotus leaf and it had an inscription: 'Stand together through wind and rain.'

My husband didn't ask anything. He only said: 'It's fine, honey, it's okay, I'm here.'

My daddy and mummy were also supportive.

'We are not as lucky as Edison'

On the effect of the scandal on the careers of Chen and other celebrities:

We are not as lucky as him. He can go abroad to develop his career, sign singers and be a manager. The other female artistes are not as lucky as him.

This article was first published in The Straits Times.

readers' comments
Kena kissed there and show to the whole world for free of course very angry.
Posted by amfreeaccess on Sun, 8 Mar 2009 at 22:25 PM
Edison should a monk to atone for his sins. Then he would be forgiven. For him to want to be still in the media and entertainment industry, this is showing how lightly he is taking this whole ordeal.
Posted by Daniel30 on Sun, 8 Mar 2009 at 22:18 PM

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