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Mon, Nov 18, 2013
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Confession: I'm only sticking with my BF until I find someone richer and better-looking

Confession pages are all the rage. Here is STOMP's choice of confession of the day.

Today's confession is penned by an SMU undergraduate who freely admits she's only with with her boyfriend until someone richer and better-looking comes along.

Here is the confession in full:

"If I meet a guy (who happens to be better-looking and even richer than my current boyfriend) and he asks me out, should I just go along?

"I mean... If I don't, then I'm just short-changing myself by staying with my current boyfriend.

"By the way, no one really takes their first relationship seriously.

"The first time anyone gets into a relationship is just because we want to 'test water' and experience what it feels like to be attached.

"After a while everyone just gets tired and wants someone better.

"And I definitely deserve someone better than my current boyfriend."

Do you agree with this confession, or do you think it is wrong to be on the lookout for someone 'better' while in a relationship?

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