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Sun, Dec 08, 2013
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Star style of Patricia Mok
by Yeoh Wee Teck

In this new column that appears on the first Friday of every month, our resident fashionista Yeoh Wee Teck ([email protected]) breaks down the personal style of local personalities.

Host-actress Patricia Mok does not really care if you have a problem with her.

Especially when it comes to her style.

"Usually I get positive comments and I appreciate the interest in the way I dress.

"But those who are negative - they are not fashionable and don't dress well, so I'm not bothered."

Mok's style is part punk, part relaxed and a lot of sass.

As expected, the 42-year-old Fly Entertainment artist knows what she wants.

She said: "I'm only stylist-dependent when I'm too lazy to think of what to wear and have to look stylish for important events.

"Even though I have stylist friend Martin Wong to help me, I'll still let him know the style that suits me most or I'm most comfortable in."

And in case you miss her point, she said: "I know what I want."

For this shoot, Mok did not need the help of a stylist. She just reached into her wardrobe, threw everything she needed into a bag and made her way to the studio, ready for action.

These days, she draws her inspiration from a couple of sources - international magazines and pop music icons such as Madonna and K-pop superstar G-Dragon.

"G-Dragon always dresses to impress for work or for play and he inspired me to look my best even though I'm just going for my Korean language class."

Mok's big weakness is shoes. "I used to buy a lot of cheap, nice, fashionable shoes.

"Now I've learnt to appreciate branded shoes, boots or heels with good workmanship. And I love statement pieces more than fashionable shoes."

Mok has also made her fair share of fashion mistakes - like a pair of Gucci suede boots with tassels for $250 during a sale. "They were so heavy that after walking for a short distance, my legs almost dropped off."

No items purchased go to waste though, as Mok always has a backup plan. "If I bought something I don't wear now, I'll keep it because I know one day I can use it for work or some silly theme party."


Mok has a thing for boots.

"I love to wear shorts because people say I've got beautiful legs, so I team the shorts with boots."

She has about 20 pairs, ranging from ankle boots to thigh-high ones. She spends about $2,000 to $3,000 on each pair.

The ones she wore for the shoot are from Burberry.

"I'm particular about the silhouette of the boots, especially around the ankle area: I don't like it bulky or chunky."

Mok bought the mesh top and bra combo just before the shoot.

"I'll usually wear it (the combo) with a vest or jacket, when I want that sexy look."


Mok has a signature item to wear: Her leggings.

"If I see them when I'm out, I'll just buy. I won't even think about it. Once I found a pair I liked and I bought 10 of them in various prints. My sister thought I was mad.

"These skeleton leggings are from Hong Kong. I thought they are really fun, so I bought them."

She admits these are not for everyone, though.

"You cannot have fat legs to wear them. Those with fat legs should go exercise and then they can wear anything they want."

The Joker T-shirts - she has 30 such tops with his grinning face on them - are of sentimental value to her because she likes the character played by the late Heath Ledger in superhero blockbuster The Dark Knight.

"These are from (fashion brand) DC Comics and I won't give them away."


This top is uniquely Mok because she redesigned it.

"It's by a Thai designer and a gift from (local actress) Ann Kok and I just decided to cut the sleeves off to make it my own style. "This is my usual day outfit. The shoes I bought online and I love them because they are comfortable.

"I like to wear slippers, I love over-sized, extra large T-shirts that are so long they look like you're not wearing shorts."

Mok has a collection of about 500 T-shirts.

"And I'm always giving away my stuff to sisters, friends and anyone who is skinny like me."


When she is hired for a hosting engagement, Mok dresses up - but with one requirement.

"I need to move around and not be exposed. And comfort is vital."

For that, she turns to another of her fashion favourites: Jackets.

"Trench coats or jackets - I love them."

She bought a Comme des Garcons trench coat from Japan this year for about $1,000 (one of her more expensive outerwear purchases).

Mok also like scarves - her yearly Christmas present to herself.

"I buy the pasar malam type, a $10 one that looks like Burberry. And I like wool because it can keep me warm."

Her costliest scarf to date, however, is a $700 Louis Vuitton piece.

But she said she is not pressured to buy expensive items.

"I only buy expensive bags," she said.

Still, it is the classics for her more than trends.

In Mok's typical outspoken style, she said: "I don't have so much money to follow trends."

If I bought something I don't wear now, I'll keep it because I know one day I can use it for work or some silly theme party. - Patricia Mok

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