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Fri, Dec 27, 2013
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Kollywood babes sweat it out

Kollywood's leading ladies are hitting the gym with a vengeance. While some are working out purely for health reasons, others sweat it out for their roles. Showbiz queens have to frequently reinvent themselves to stay in the reckoning. And the latest on this front is shedding those extra pounds. To this end, our lovely ladies are sweating it out at the gym for the required physical transformation. From Trisha and Anushka to Hansika and Amala Paul - our heroines are leaving no stone unturned to flaunt a new and svelte frame.


Hansika Motwani is flaunting a new, svelte figure these days. She recently took to the gym to lose weight and is, in fact, on a strict workout and diet regime. Hansika, who will next be seen looking slim in her upcoming films in Tamil and Telugu, says: "I come from a healthy Punjabi family and have baby fat from childhood. I've been waiting to lose weight naturally, which happens with age. I've been constantly following a diet and working out at the gym for some time now. So, my quest for a rejuvenated look has finally ended as I have shed around 13kg. Now, I'm looking as lean as ever," says the excited actress.


Thulasi, who used to weigh 90kg before she landed Kadal, lost oodles of weight for her role in the film. But that was not enough going by the reactions after the film's release. So, the young girl hit the gym again to shed a few more kilos for her role in the upcoming film Yaan. The stills of Yaan are proof enough of the actress' hard work at the gym.


Anushka Shetty, who looked a little plump in her recent release Singam 2, is now on a mission to get in shape for her upcoming films. The actress, who is playing the leading lady in Rajamouli's magnum-opus Bahubali and the bilingual Rudrama Devi, is set to stun the audience with her leaner and fitter frame. Anushka has already lost around 12kg, and is on a special diet and fitness regime.

Anushka will be flaunting two contrasting looks in both her upcoming films. While she needs to look toned in Rudrama Devi, Bahubali requires her to sport a more feminine look.

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