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Fri, Jan 03, 2014
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Andy Hui proposed to Sammi Cheng 7 times during 22-year relationship

It was a 22-year long, on-again off-again battle for Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui, but the couple reconciled their differences two years ago and decided to become lifetime partners.

According to a Jayne Stars article, while a small wedding ceremony was held in Bali, Indonesia in November, the couple will register their marriage in Hong Kong later.

However, the couple clarified through their manager that they are engaged and not married. Their two families had travelled to Bali to celebrate the engagement, reported Sing Tao Daily.

In a column Sammi wrote for a magazine earlier, she professed that she once had a fear for getting married as she has had many friends who had failed marriages.

Andy proposed to Sammi seven times before finally succeeding in persuading her to marry him.

He had attempted to propose to Sammi under different settings - on New Year Eve's party, Christmas parties, Valentine Day's parties, and reportedly even tried to play it down by asking her casually while the couple were on vacation, but Sammi turned him down in the previous attempts.

Andy tried his luck again this August during Sammi's birthday party, which was attended by only close family members.

Andy said in a brief interview days ago, "I did everything you could think of doing in a proposal!"

An insider said, "Andy lied to [Sammi] and said he had work so he couldn't go, but he surprised her at the party.

He showed up with her birthday cake and a bouquet of flowers. Sammi was very surprised and couldn't stop smiling.

Andy suddenly kneeled with his ring and proposed to her sweetly. The diamond was at least three carats! Sammi was teary and she said yes!"

The couple celebrated their engagement in Bali in November 2013. It was reported that Sammi did not want to beat the drum about the wedding, and Andy only told the news to their families. Andy's Big Four bandmates - Dicky Cheung, William So, and Edmond Leung sent their blessings to Andy.

"Odd things always happen around Christmas time," said William So with a laugh. "Honestly though, the whole world has been waiting for Sammi and Andy to get married. Now that Sammi has said yes, Rat [Andy's nickname] has finally gotten his wish. We have also waited for this to happen for over two decades. We are all so happy for them now that they can be together. I hope they will be together until their old ages, and quickly have a little rat!"

Edmond Leung said, "I really didn't know about this at all, but I am so happy to hear such great news. I truly congratulate them. I will personally go send them my blessings."

"It's so sudden," said Dicky Cheung. "I seriously never thought Sammi would say yes. So the matchmaking my mother and I did for Andy years ago did not go to waste. The two of them can finally be together."

According to a source, Andy booked a private beach hotel in Bali and forked out over a million dollars HKD on the flight tickets.

The wedding was held at the Nikko Wiwaha Chapel, which could seat up to 40 guests. A popular destination for many weddings, the chapel is made of glass and is situated right next to the beach.

At the wedding, Sammi did not wear an extravagant wedding dress, opting for a simple, slim and long white dress with sandals. Only about ten close family and friends attended the wedding.

After reciting their vows, Andy said, "We've finally walked to this step. Though there were many turns and crosses in the middle, we still managed to smoothly arrive to our stop. There may be rocks and thorns on our road ahead, but there is no need to be afraid, because I will be here with you. I was in love with the imperfect you of the past, and I still love the considerate you now. I will continue to love you just as much as I do now in the future!"

In tears, Sammi said, "I am very thankful to God for having me to meet him. He has protected me all these years. I used to be afraid of getting married and having kids, it was a class I was afraid to take, as I didn't know how to break through it, but God has allowed me to overcome it step by step. Because of him, I have believed in marriage."

Sammi then made a promise that she will have kids, saying, "Please don't give me pressure! I will take it step by step!" Andy burst into tears and laughter at Sammi's words.

It is reported that Sammi and Andy will be registering their marriage in Hong Kong sometime next year, and hold another engagement party for their friends and family in Hong Kong.

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