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Sat, Jan 18, 2014
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Shock over exposed photo post

Local models, beware the nude photos that can haunt you later.

This was the advice local blogger and DJ Peggy Heng, 24, offered in an entry she posted in her blog last Saturday.

The post, she said, was directed at young girls who are enticed by photographers to do nude photoshoots in exchange for money, with the photographers later sharing the photos online - sometimes without their knowledge.

But Miss Heng then risked the wrath of the very models she was purportedly giving advice to by illustrating her blog post with semi-nude photos of local women.

One, in particular, was of prominent local model-blogger Yan Kay Kay, who was shocked to see a picture of herself in purple lingerie with her face and private parts obscured.

Miss Yan, 31, said that she has never taken part in any nude photo shoots before.

The photo on Miss Heng's blog, she claimed, was a shot of her accidentally exposing herself during a lingerie shoot several years ago.

But Miss Heng told The New Paper: "I came across all the photos on an adult site and I used her photo as I genuinely thought that she had posed semi-nude in photoshoots before. The blog post was... not a direct attack on Kay Kay."

Despite this, she admitted that she and Miss Yan have had a past. Miss Yan, she said, had called her nasty names on Twitter previously. That is why, she admitted, she did not see the need to omit Miss Yan's photos in her blog post.

Miss Heng, who has been featured in TNP for sponsored cosmetic surgery in Korea, said: "Kay Kay is very influential online, and she made so many negative comments about me in the past few years when I did nothing to offend her at all. All her nasty remarks about me were retweeted thousands of times. Can you imagine how depressed and upset I felt?"


She added: "She did not consider my feelings and the consequences of her words on me back then. So why should I consider her feelings this time round? I wanted her to know how I felt, and I wanted her to understand all the suffering I went through because of her."

After Miss Heng's blog post went viral online, she received multiple messages from Miss Yan, who apologised to her following a three-hour text message conversation.

Miss Yan's photos have since been removed from the blog post. Miss Heng said: "She explained to me that the photos were those of her exposing herself accidentally, and she didn't deliberately pose for any nude shots. She also apologised sincerely to me for what she did in the past, and I felt that I finally had closure."

She added: "I am no saint, but I am not a bad person."

Miss Heng has also posted another entry accusing 15 photographers of tricking girls into posing nude or semi-nude for them.

Said Miss Heng: "I am very worried about young, naive girls who are tricked into posing nude for the photographers. The photographers deserve to be exposed so that they won't exploit other young girls anymore."

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