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Sat, Jan 18, 2014
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Forms, nude bras and G-strings
by Jocelyn Lee

Local modelling agencies contacted by The New Paper say they take precautions to protect their models, especially when it comes to lingerie or swimwear shoots.

Usually, this is done by getting the photographer and the client to sign a model release form before the photo shoot.

The form requires that the photos taken be used only for that shoot and not anywhere else.

Ms Rowena Foo, managing director of Diva Models Singapore, said: "The black-and-white agreement protects our models legally. If the client does not sign the agreement, we will not release our models. We will not send our models to a shoot without finding out what's going to happen at the shoot."

Mr Justin Lim, director of Style House modelling agency, agreed.

He said: "Some photoshoots require the models to bare their bodies and the agreement is in place to protect the models' interests so that the photographs are not released on other websites. So far, nothing of the sort has happened to our models."

Sometimes, the modelling agencies depend on mutual trust between the client, the photographer and the agency.

Mr Chris Swee, general manager of model and artiste management company Looque Agency, said: "We don't sign any model release forms with our clients but we trust that we are working with a very professional team with work ethics. Even if there is a naked shoot, the photographer will clear the studio and only allow a minimum number of staff on set."

He added: "Models will be briefed before the shoot and they will use things like nipple tapes to protect themselves. If they aren't comfortable, then they should decline the job."

Local model Michelle Tan, 21, who was crowned the winner of FHM Models 2013, said: "Young girls should also know that they don't have to do lingerie shoots to become a famous model. It's not necessary."

She shared some tips on how she protects herself during photoshoots:

Check the photographer's works to see if he is a professional or just a dodgy man trying to take photos of young girls;

During swimwear or lingerie shoots, stick on nude bras and wear a nude G-string underneath as a second layer of protection so you don't accidentally expose yourself.

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