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Fri, Mar 27, 2009
The Business Times
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Customised for the right feel and support
by Corinne Kerk

ILL-FITTING bras that create unsightly lumps of flesh on the back and around the chest can be a thing of the past if a newly-arrived lingerie brand really works as it claims.

Bradelis, a premium brand of custom-fit lingerie designed and made in Japan promises to give women proper breast support and the potential to transform their silhouette naturally.

Founded by Akiyo Hirakubo, who opened her first boutique in Osaka in 1994, Bradelis’ philosophy is that most bras sold in department stores are based on standard sizes and shapes, and often made with loose, stretchable material to accommodate their “one size fits all” nature.

This results in ill-fitting bras that are either too tight or too loose, lacking the right support.

When this happens, the fatty tissue of the breasts slide to the sides and breasts not only lose elasticity but their natural size is not held completely within the cup.

To correct this, Bradelis uses fine fabrics and materials to precisely fit the Asian figure and frame.

In what it calls a 3D tailoring technique, quality fabrics with different elastic properties are sewn together to help create a more desirable silhouette.

Up to 10 layers of such fabrics are stitched together in a specified pattern to shape a woman’s breasts – or buttocks in the case of panties.

“Our bras are designed to provide support of breast tissue and hold them in place throughout the day even with regular everyday movements of the arms and body,” says Chow Yee May, Bradelis’ brand manager here.

“If worn over a period of time, the bra will actually reshape the breast to form a desirable silhouette.”

To get the perfect fit, it has four fitting “specialists” in its local outlet at Tangs Orchard, which has been open for about a month.

The four ladies will take customers through its Step 1-2-3 bras to get the right fit.

In Step 1 bras, the aim is to draw and reposition breast tissue from the underarm, back and tummy area to create fuller breasts and a smoother backline.

Hence, the bras are designed with wide angle underwire and broad back straps to hold breast tissue together.

Next, Step 2 bras will shape the breasts to form a deeper cleavage by using narrow underwire and extra support from the outer side of the cups.

Finally in Step 3 bras, the aim is to lift the breasts to their natural position for a perkier silhouette.

Therefore, the bras use narrower underwire, deeper cups and more strategic support to lift the tissue channelled from Steps 1 and 2.

The first consultation with Bradelis takes between 30 and 45 minutes and includes counselling to discuss the wearer’s physical condition and anything that might influence her body size and shape, as well as measuring and fitting – including instructions on how to “scoop” breast tissue into the wire channel of the bra cup.

If anything does not fit correctly, or if there are allergies to metal or synthetic materials, Bradelis will alter the bra accordingly.

In addition, it provides one free alteration to bras brought back to the store one to three months after purchase.

The customer’s chart is kept on file to track all changes in subsequent visits and she should return every month to check her fit.

After customers get to Step 3, they should go back every six months or whenever there’s a change in body size or weight.

Currently, Bradelis has 11 designs of bras with matching panties, but does not carry sporty-looking, T-shirt or strapless bras.

The price of a sexier silhouette doesn’t come cheap though. Bradelis bras cost between $199 and $400 apiece while panties are priced at $59 to $109. It makes sense then, that their target audience are women aged 25 and above – after all, you need some financial muscle to get breast support at these prices.

Bradelis is available at Tangs Orchard, Level 2, Dressing Room.

This article was first published in The Business Times .

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