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Tue, Mar 04, 2014
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S'pore blogger Tammy Tay makes shocking announcement that she's pregnant

Local blogger Tammy Tay announced in a shocking blog post last night (Mar 3) that she is pregnant, and is planning on becoming a single mother - a secret that she has kept for three months.

According to her blog entry, she had wanted to play safe due to beliefs that pregnancies should not be announced till the second trimester.

This made her unable to respond truthfully to comments about her recent weight gain.

The 23-year-old wrote that she could have taken the easy way out - chosen abortion, not mention anything to the public and lead life as per normal.

However, she knew that she would not be able to bring herself to do it as it would be a decision she would regret for the rest of her life.

Financial stability would not be a problem as she is working, added the online store owner and blogger.

She also said her boyfriend is 'stable' enough to provide her with a roof over her head and monthly allowance to support the baby.

In the post that shook the blogsosphere, Tammy also wrote:

"The only problem I had was that this was not how I planned my life to be.

"Like every girl, it was a dream to find a loving boyfriend, getting proposed in the sweetest most unforgettable way like in the movies, wear my dream wedding gown at a beautiful wedding banquet, go on a honeymoon in a country I've been dreaming to go to and then, have kids.

"I didn't want to rush things with my boyfriend either.

"What most people do if they want to keep the kid is to hurry up register their marriage and throw a wedding banquet.

"I can't do it though. I don't want to get married because we've been together for such a short time and I am afraid he isn't The One.

"Like the quote in Frozen, 'You can't marry a person you just met'.

"Lol. Ok and not like it was right to have sex with someone before marriage and not use protection and all that, yeah I know, I know.

"Yes he is my boyfriend but a few months isn't enough for me to tell if he will be a good husband and a good father.

"Let's say we rush into this marriage and a year later find out we can't get along? Going through a divorce takes a long time and although I know it will kinda benefit me, but I've heard stories from friends about all the unhappiness in the 3 years before the divorce gets finalized."

Tammy also mentioned that this was a decision she had thought long and hard about, even though it is tough being a single mother in Singapore and some might call her selfish.

"I'm not sure how the reaction from the public will be like, but choosing to reveal this means I have already prepared myself well."

The blogger stirred controversy last year when she went on an all-expenses-paid trip with fully sponsored procedures on her face in South Korea with good friend Daryl Yow.

The plastic surgery procedure was courtesy of SM Plastic Surgery, a cosmetic surgery clinic in Seoul.

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