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Tue, Mar 04, 2014
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Christopher Lee reveals that Fann Wong's baby was 'made in Singapore'

Christopher Lee spoke to local press at new drama Against The Tide's opening ceremony yesterday morning (Mar 3) - the first time since announcing Fann Wong's pregnancy earlier in February.

There, he shares updates on his wife's pregnancy and how they were doing.

According to a report on Lianhe Wanbao, Fann suffered serious morning sickness at the start of her pregnancy, but things are at the stage where they are more comfortable now.

Both mother and child are healthy, and there has not been any great changes to Fann's body. Christopher would also say to his unborn child, "Hi! i'm your daddy!"

When asked if he was worried about the high risk pregnancy as Fann is 43 years old, he responded, "I'm not worried. Technology is so advanced now. Furthermore, getai singer Liu Lingling also gave birth at 50 years old!" and added that the baby was 'made in Singapore'.

Furthermore, Fann's parents live under the same roof and can keep an eye on their daughter, which sets him at ease.

When the couple first discovered the pregnancy through a test kit, they did not know how to react nor did they shout for joy. Instead, they remained skeptical till a gynaecologist confirmed the pregnancy and let them set thier hearts at ease.

Both Fann and Christopher do not know if the baby would be male or female.

"We'll let nature take its own course and hopefully, we will get a surprise," said the actor.

When asked if Fann would make him go buy food in the middle of the night due to her cravings, Christopher said, "She's very nice! Earlier, she also said: 'Love, I will not give you such a problem!'

He mentioned that her appetite has changed, however. Fann enjoys eating fishballs like Christopher now, which made her say to him, "There's another you in my tummy."

Does that mean that she is expecting a boy?

Read the full report in Lianhe Wanbao.


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