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Wed, Apr 30, 2014
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All eyes on Fann's baby bump
by Jocelyn Lee, Tan Kee Yun

It was a star-studded night at the annual Star Awards 20 held at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition yesterday.

But one actress stole the limelight with her baby bump.

All eyes were on local star Fann Wong when she showed up at the glitzy event in a Bottega Veneta gown with her husband, actor Christopher Lee.

This is the first time Wong has appeared in public with her baby bump since the local showbiz A-list couple revealed to media in early February that they were expecting their first child.

Just a few days ago, there were also reports that Wong, who is in her second trimester, now boasts a curvier, fuller figure.

Asked about the reports, the 43-year-old said: "My cup size did increase after pregnancy, but it's not as exaggerated as what was reported previously in the media."

She added: "I don't know the exact size (of my breasts) now though, whether they're A, B, C or D."

Previous reports had said she is a C cup.

On his wife's fuller figure now, Lee, 42, added coyly: "It's a different kind of sexy.

"A woman's sexiness before marriage, after marriage, and during pregnancy, is different."

This is also the first time that Wong did not wear heels to the annual awards ceremony.

She said: "In the past, I would always wear as high (referring to her heels) as possible."

The parents-to-be said they had prepped their baby the night before the Star Awards on what to expect at the event.

Lee said: "Last night, we spoke to our baby and told (him or her) that tonight is the Star Awards and that it'll be a very loud, joyous event."

Added Wong jokingly: "This is to prepare (him or her) for future Star Awards, he or she will have to smile and greet all of you reporters when we attend the Star Awards together."

The couple said they should be able to know next month if they are expecting a boy or a girl.


"The past few visits (to the gynaecologist), they couldn't tell," Wong said.

She added: "As we don't know the baby's gender, we can't even start preparing and decorating our baby room.

"Chris will wrap up his filming in June and we definitely have to get down to doing it then."

Wong revealed that she suffered severe morning sickness and vomited all the time during her first trimester.

"I would throw up in a cup and so many times, it overflowed. I felt embarrassed to let my maid clear (my) mess."

Thankfully, the actress does not have too many weird cravings.

Lee said: "She doesn't have cravings for any specific food at night. But for a while, every morning, she had to drink a specific brand of orange juice. It must be that one brand. I would go to the convenience store to buy it for her every morning.

"I went there so often that the store manager now knows me."


Wong recently did a sexy cover shoot for local magazine Her World, where she wore a sexy dress with a plunging neckline.

Talking about the photoshoot last month, the actress said: "The photographers and stylists toyed with the idea of me showing my tummy for the magazine pictures, but I felt (my bulge) couldn't be seen at all then.

"They saw me this time round and was shocked that my tummy had grown so much! Now, when I walk, sometimes I can't balance properly."

Other local celebs sent Wong their congratulatory messages.

Dennis Chew, 40, said: "I just have two words for Fann: Stay healthy! She looks so pretty today, even prettier than she was before pregnancy."

Chen Tianwen, 50, said: "I don't think her tummy is very big, but I can gradually see the maternal side of her. Pregnant women are always the prettiest."

This article was published on April 28 in The New Paper.

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