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Wed, Apr 02, 2014
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Dashing to steal the show
by Juliana June Rasul

The queue stretched across half the second storey at Millenia Walk.

Some had even been waiting 3.5 hours. No, these 100 or so fans were not queuing to see a K-pop star.

Instead, they were there for little Dash, who turned one on Monday.

It was a fuss worthy of a celebrity, but then again, Dash is one.

His mum is Wendy Cheng, also known as Xiaxue.

The popular blogger threw a superhero-themed party for her boy - named after the character in the 2004 animated film The Incredibles - at Hokey Pokey indoor playground on Sunday.

Readers of her blog became fans of the boy after Cheng, 29, started posting "Dash Comics" - pictures with speech bubbles containing his imaginary, often hilarious "thoughts" - and many were keen to meet him.

After being inundated with requests by fans to celebrate Dash's birthday with him, she decided to hold a "meet and greet" before the party - much like K-pop stars do.

Fans got to snap pictures with the toddler and also received a limited edition Dash T-shirt that Cheng had printed.

Like a little king on his throne, Dash was in a high chair, wielding a little biscuit, as about 100 people patiently waited their turn.

He was initially intrigued by the attention, but later got cranky, and grandma Doris came to the rescue.

Cheng's mother held up an iPad playing the little tyke's favourite cartoons to calm him down.

"I think he's at the stage now where he's getting a bit of stranger anxiety, but I was more worried about whether he would want to sit in the chair, because he's very, very active," Cheng told The New Paper after the session.

Some fans, like secondary school students Chan Zhuo Bin, 16, and Julia Tay, 15, came bearing gifts - theirs was a blue tee which read "I eat, burp, fart ... just like my daddy".

Aesthetics doctor Georgia Lee, decked out in a catwoman suit, said she bought Dash a black-and-white striped shirt and pants set so he can "look like a villain".

"I love theme parties. My own sons' parties were so long ago because they're all grown up now," she said.

Dressing the part

Other guests also came dressed to impress.

Local blogger Ang Chiew Ting, better known as QiuQiu, was the Hulk, while radio DJ Rosalyn Lee was dressed as Maleficent, the villain in Sleeping Beauty.

Cheng had blonde hair with a golden crown and white boots, like 80s supergirl She-Ra, while proud dad Mike Sayre was in a Darth Vader costume.

He said he left out the mask because Dash does not like it.

Among the gifts, The New Paper spotted hampers of food, toys and clothes.

But what would little Dash be getting from mummy and daddy?

"We didn't get him anything!" Cheng said with a laugh, before adding "we're giving him this experience".

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