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Thu, May 15, 2014
Urban, The Straits Times
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7 things in her bag: Jamie Yeo
by Stacey Chia

Power 98 deejay and host Jamie Yeo will have you know that she works hard to keep in shape.

While the 37-year-old mother may be blessed with good genes, she also hits the gym three times a week, for at least an hour each time.

"Sometimes, I feel too tired to go to the gym, but I'll pull myself together and go. People don't need to spend too much time there. Thirty minutes on the elliptical trainer is all it takes to feel awesome," says Yeo, who does not look a day over 19 - the age she entered the entertainment business.

She says her secret to good skin lies in eating raw spinach.

"In my fridge, you'll always find organic spinach. I'll grab a handful to eat raw after every workout," says Yeo, who also swears by eating a handful of blueberries daily. The fruit is high in antioxidants.

"I don't really believe in supplements. I'll take them only once a week. There's a lot of research which shows that supplements aren't all that great for you. If you eat well, you don't really need them," she adds.

The svelte Yeo rose to fame after playing Tammy Tay on the popular local television show Growing Up. After it ended its run in 2001, she acted in several other drama serials, such as Channel 8's Holland V and The Champions.

But in the past few years, she has focused mainly on radio and hosting. She is married to Briton Thorsten Nolte, 39, who runs a digital marketing agency.

Currently, she presents the LionsXII matches on SuperSports Arena (StarHub Channel 201), on top of a travel programme for Insider TV and the morning show on Power 98.

"I like acting, but I prefer being a television and radio presenter because I can go on as my real self," says the football fan.

Out of all the programmes she helms, it seems that her work on Insider TV is the one she enjoys most.

The travel programme, which is broadcast to hotels in Singapore, is an insider's guide to the tourist attractions and events in the city.

"I get to talk to famous chefs and I've been on the Skyline Luge and MegaZip on Sentosa. It's a great feeling when I get tourists writing to ask me for travel tips," she says.

As a mother, she says she has the best tips on things to do with kids.

"It's good for kids to go out and experience nature, but it gets a little too hot here, so the conservatories at Gardens by the Bay are ideal," she says.

Paragon is one of her favourite places to shop, as it has an indoor playground which she can take her daughter to.

"I'm a true blue Singaporean girl, but I'm also quite well-travelled, so I know what will be cool to people around the world," she says.7 Things in her bag


This has been custom-made for me. My main skin problem is general tiredness.

This is good when I feel like my skin needs a perk up. It's suitable for use several times a day and my skin feels instantly refreshed.


I always have snacks in my bag because I get hungry every two hours. It's usually a mix of nuts, chocolates and raisins in a resealable bag.


Sometimes, I'm on my phone so much that my daughter has to tell me to put it down. I always feel bad when she does that.


I run a website called, which was launched in October last year and offers shopping deals that are of interest to mothers. There are about six deals a week and I'm constantly on the website to see how many members we have. It now has 50,000 members.


This was a Valentine's Day present this year from my husband. When I travel, I don't take it along as I'm afraid of losing it.


This gives me access to the football stadiums in Malaysia. The LionsXII play in Malaysia twice a month, and I need to be there for all their games.


Every girl needs pressed powder to keep the shine away.

This article was published on May 2 in Urban, The Straits Times.

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