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No quarrels, we just drifted apart
Their split may have come as a surprise to many, including close friends. But DJ Glenn Ong said it has been a while since he and fellow celebrity wife Jamie Yeo had decided on the breakup.
It takes a lot out of me to talk about this
I spent 8 years with my ex-husband and I'll never forget them. He was, is and always will be one of the kindest, most genuine and beautiful people I've gotten to know in this life.
Should Glenn have broadcast news of split?
Some radio listeners feel that his broadcast was inappropriate.
Sad news on the radio
while Glenn Ong and Jamie Yeo's split came as a surprise to many, two of his good friends said they knew about their break-up before the announcement.
Jamie Yeo and Glenn Ong have split
STOMP star blogger Jamie Yeo and her husband, radio deejay Glenn Ong have announced that they are getting a divorce.
3 basic rules for the decent Singapore man
Fellas, there are three basic rules that you should adhere to when interacting with someone of the opposite sex.
Jamie Yeo and Glenn Ong
Jamie Yeo is happily married with a Singaporean man - DJ Glenn Ong.
Are Singapore men romantic?
Give me an apathetic Singaporean guy over a gushy romantic Frenchman any day!
I had my first orgasm when I was 6!
The first time I had sex. It was uneventful, done hastily in my bed with my sister sleeping above me on the upper bunk bed. I was 18 and scared that it was gonna hurt...
Local celebs have gone topless too
Popularity almost invariably comes with a public and media thirst for details of the stars' private lives. Where do you draw the line between what can be public and what should remain private?

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