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Fri, Jun 06, 2014
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Malaysian 'husband-stealer' actress: I'm no angel, but

Malaysian actress Hanez Suraya made headlines earlier this year for all the wrong reasons, mostly for being a "husband-stealer".

Her relationship with a married man faced intense scrutiny and made her the subject of hateful comments and threats, and her reputation took a beating.

But the 29-year-old starlet is trying to put the negativity aside and focus on preparing for her latest project - Malaysian stage production Projek Kahwin. It also stars Singaporean actor Shah Iskandar and Malaysian cast members like Kilafairy and Izzue Islam.

In the musical, which begins its run at Kuala Lumpur's Istana Budaya on Friday, Hanez shows off her acting chops and singing and dancing skills for the first time in the lead role as Nisa, who encounters multiple setbacks when her family and friends get involved in her wedding preparations.

But it seems her real-life drama hasn't died down completely.

The recent events have incensed her haters so much they have even threatened to throw eggs at her when she takes to the stage during Projek Kahwin.

Hanez had tried to pull out of the show, but was persuaded by the production crew to stay.

She had also hired a bodyguard to accompany her to major events, but will monitor the situation to see if he needs to accompany her when she performs for Projek Kahwin.

Hanez admitted that she would rather not have one around as she feels "restricted and awkward" in his presence.

Asked if she still fears for her safety, Hanez told The New Paper in a telephone interview from Kuala Lumpur last week: "They have assured me that there will be strict security at the venue. Initially, I was worried, but after all the assurance, I feel comforted."

"These people are just keyboard warriors. At such a prestigious place like Istana Budaya, I don't think people will dare to do it because the culprit can be caught so easily."

"That said, I am not asking to have eggs thrown at me."

Netizens were quick to slam Hanez when it was revealed in March that she was seeing 34-year-old businessman Romie Razin Adilha Abd Jais.

His wife of eight years, Ms Nurliyana Manan, had accused Hanez of being the third party and causing their marriage to fail, an allegation Hanez has denied.

Mr Romie and Ms Nurliyana, who have two children, have reportedly been separated since last August and are in the midst of divorce proceedings.


Last month, Hanez and Mr Romie sued Malaysia Airlines for "invasion of privacy" after their flight details to Bangkok were uploaded onto a Facebook account.

The couple claimed that soon after they landed together on April 20, they were informed by friends that part of their boarding passes had appeared on a Facebook account known as "Kami Sokong Liyana Manan" (We Support Liyana Manan).

Reflecting on the controversy, Hanez said she was most affected by how quick the public was to "punish" her.

"Some of the insults were so degrading that I don't even want to repeat them. I am no angel, I admit, but we are all human. Everyone was so quick to attack me and that affected me the most. These people don't even know me or the real story," she said, adding that she's chosen to keep mum and not retaliate.

"People will get tired and then move on. Now they have seen me fall, but I will just carry on and face everything that comes my way."

Hanez was hesitant when addressing the current status of her relationship with Mr Romie, but said that they are still friends.

She said: "I told him to focus on his marital problems first and work on that. I don't want to get in the way. I even told him that if there is even the slightest chance that he can reconcile with his wife, then he should go. I told him to think of his children.

"I might not know how it is like to be married, but I know what it feels like to be a woman.

"Right now my focus is on this production, and the offers after that," she said.

This article was first published on June 3, 2014.
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