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Sun, Oct 18, 2009
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New Shopping and Dining Experiences
by Cynthia Loh

Burger King Studio
When I think of Burger King, designing a shirt isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind.

Whoppers, onion rings, and even mushrooms, yes. T-shirts, silk, no.

But over at their newly opened branch at Ion Orchard, that's exactly what we got to do during their launch party. After devouring one of their burgers and munching on hash browns, we headed over to the BK Studio, which is located around 200 metres from the actual store.

In the small, kiosk-like space, you get to see samples of ready made designs in five different colours: black, white, gray, red, and blue. While you can purchase a shirt outright - with some shirts designed by personalities like the boys of Electrico, radio presenter Rosalyn Lee, and street visual artist Killer Gerbil and music producer, recording artist, DJ and remixer Paul T., the real fun comes in designing the shirts.

It's all starting to make sense. Since you can "have it your way" at Burger King, why not extend the concept to shirts too?

And have it your way with shirts, we definitely did, using the two terminals that dished out a cool, easy to use interface to design your very own Burger King shirt.

The first choices you have to make are the size and colour of your shirt, which isn't too hard.

The fun part comes when you browse through the many design elements available for your use. From crowns to ingredients, characters, lightning bolts, etc. There are really so many things to choose from that you will definitely have a one of a kind shirt at the end of the experience. Move it, resize it, change it to a different'll be spending a lot of time in the terminal making sure it's exactly the way you want it.

Just a tip if you're planning to do this though: do it when you have time to spare at Ion, or you wouldn't mind coming back another day. Each shirt takes about thirty minutes to print - and that's minus the queue time.

I didn't know I'd have to squeeze out some creative juice out of me at the BK Studio, but let me tell you: it's all in good fun; and you get a funky shirt to boot, too!

Create your own designs for S$39.90 or buy one by the artists for S$29.90. The BK Studio kiosk will be at Ion Orchard, Basement 3 (opposite Epicentre) until August 16 2009 and is open daily from 12pm - 8pm. Call 6842 0418 for enquiries.

-- Ellen Joy Anastacio

The Body Shop at ION Orchard goes greener

Greenies will certainly be happy to pick up their toiletries at The Body Shop in ION Orchard and do their bit to support the environment at the same time.

The newly-opened store boasts recycled materials, such as off-cut teak from discarded wooden pallets that would normally be discarded for its display shelves. The floor is covered with a material called Sadlerstone, which uses crushed granite, sand, a small quantity of cement conditioner, and cement instead of natural sandstone. The production process also creates zero by-products as the water is filtered, and the concrete  and paper waste recycled.

And if you think going green has little to do with you, your environment can affect your health too. Instead of painting the walls, The Body Shop used a product called Armourcoat™, a polished plaster made from marble powder left over as a by-product of the quarrying industry. Polished plaster does not release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOCs not only contribute to indoor pollution, but are also known to cause short- and long-term health effects.

Weekend Fairs at Cold Storage Specialty @ Tanglin Shopping Centre
Ever wanted to try organic durian? Now you can.

Visit the organic weekend fairs at Cold Storage Specialty for your weekly dose of greens and vegetables. Mirrored after the outdoor fresh markets of Europe, you can browse through cartons and boxes of fresh produce and products that can range from local organic produce such as kangkong, chye sim, mangosteens, bananas and grapes to organically farmed salmon, wines, noodles and condiments. Each weekend will feature a different theme, sometimes Asian, sometimes European/Australian.

Call 6738 6615 to find out the theme for the coming weekend.

Triumph International Mood Gallery
A different shopping experience is being promised at Triumph's flagship store at ION Orchard.

A mood simulator located in the store helps you to achieve different moods and personalise your own shopping moment at the touch of a button as you try on different types of lingerie. You can recreate your work environment to your favourite clubbing atmosphere or even the bedroom through dimmer light controls, so you can see how your lingerie works for you in your different types of lifestyles.

You can also look for expert help from the Fashion Corsetieres, who will fit you with the appropriate lingerie for the right occasion. But if you prefer to slug it out alone, you can still get help from an interactive self-navigation touch screen.

Triumph is at B3-08.

More space to shop for shoes at Raffles City Robinsons

Robinsons at Raffles City has expanded its shoe department. Beside familiar favourites, new brands such as Lewre, Unipel and Rotelli will also be available at the 2.185 sq ft space. Lewre, which boasts celebrity fans such as Michelle Yeoh and Fauziah Latiff, was handpicked by Jimmy Choo and featured at the London Fashion Week 2005.

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