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Sat, Jan 09, 2010
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Bubbly hair colour offers a new way of colouring your hair at home
by Cynthia Loh

One major reason why a lot of us head down to the salon when we need to colour our hair must be inconvenience.

Colouring your hair on your own without any professional help can be a messy business, as dyes stain clothes, fingers and scalp. And after spending hours combing the dye through your hair, you are not guaranteed an even hair colour after the hassle, since it is quite an impossible task to get the dye right into those hard-to-reach places, such as the inner layers of your hair, and the back of the scalp.

This time though, we have the ingenious Japanese folks at Liese to thank for saving us from the inconvenience of a DIY hair colouring job. Plus, you can save a bundle by avoiding those regular salon visits with the Liese Hair Bubble Color.

Instead of comb-on hair dye that comes in gel or cream, the Liese Hair Bubble Colour foams up upon application into a mass of bubbles, so that it can be easily massaged with your hands to reach every strand of hair, from root to tip. The result - evenly-coloured hair even at the back of your head.

To start dying hair:

- Pour Solution 1 into Solution 2, firmly close the white lid on the bottle and gently invert bottle

- Mix the solutions well, but avoid shaking them together to avoid producing any foam

- Replace the white lid with the foamer cap and seal tightly

-Hold the bottle in upright position and squeeze to dispense foam into gloved hand (picture above)

- Then apply the foam generously onto dry hair and massage from roots to ends until hair is completely covered with foam

- Leave for 20 - 30 minutes before rinsing hair and shampooing.

- Remember to apply Liese Hair Nourishing Lotion to lock in moisture.

Mr Takashi Matsuo, Manager of the 4th laboratory, Beauty Cosmetics Research Laboratories in Beauty Care Research Center at Kao Japan, said: "Consumer feedback gathered tells us that consumers want a hair colouring experience that is easy and fun, without the mess and trouble of having to part hair. We aimed to simplify steps to make professional solutions available to everyone, and create beauty that is fuss-free and easy on the pockets."

DIY Demo

During the media preview which was held at the delightfully cosy Hairloom & Caramel in Shaw Towers, one of the journalists was asked to try out the hair dye on a dummy. It was a bit of struggle to get the hair colour to foam at first, but I would probably put this down to performance anxiety since she was subject to the scrutiny of other curious journalists and first time experience.

But when she did get the hang of it - there was an expert from Liese on hand to suggest that she apply more of the dye when it seemed that she was not getting to the roots of the dummy's hair - it seemed to get much easier, since the foam hardly threatened to drip.

The final result was a head of thick, bubbly lather which looked like a shower cap, and stayed securely on top of the dummy's head, as the usual scent of DIY hair dye permeated the salon.

The rest of the instructions were simple enough to follow - just massage the foam into every section of your hair so that the foam coats every strand and wait for the colour to set in 20 - 30 minutes. No need to comb through and cause damage to those delicate follicles. And after you're done, just wash away the bubbles and shampoo and condition as usual.

But for those of you who think this is a god-send to cover greys, it may disappoint since the permanent colouring product is not meant for this purpose. But if you just want to jazz up your hair colour, have a go at it. On the good side, the folks at Liese tell us the colour does last for up to one month.

Liese Bubble Hair Colour retails for S$19.90 at all leading pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets. There are 10 available colours.

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readers' comments
I have been using Henna to dye my hair for the past 20yrs. I only read about Liese bubble foam dye today and would like to switch to Liese Foam dye soon as it only takes less than 30min and is very user friendly.
Posted by hmoi on Sat, 29 Aug 2009 at 01:30 AM

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