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Fri, Sep 04, 2009
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You won't get serums fresher than this
by Cynthia Loh

We all know serums are deliver the goods direct to our skin. So if you want better results, faster, get yourself a bottle of fountain of youth. But when I was introduced to the new encapsulated serums from Skin Inc, I must say it caused more than a little jolt to my system.

First of all, Skin Inc's skin serums are made especially for the time-starved individual. The brand's founder, Sabrina Tan, a mother of two and very busy entrepreneurial lady, shared that she had the serums made with mums in mind. You know, those really busy women who have little time for anything else, since all their waking hours are either spent on their little ones or being a conscientious employee?

Since this was my first up-close-and-personal encounter with this line of serums, I'm quite delighted to find that the main highlight of the serums is that you can mix and match them, just like cocktails, to suit your own skin's special needs. This is particularly good if you have more than one skin condition - whether it is sensitivity, acne-prone, dehydrated, aging or hyperpigmentation concerns. That, I thought, sounded pretty impressive in itself, since it really saves one the trouble of having to apply multiple gels and creams when all you really want to do is catch up on your sleep, or get ready to leave the house for work.

Then, when Jermay - the skin consultant who did a skin survey for me at the launch of the brand's new line of serums - introduced the seaweed encapsulated serums, it really upped the ante in skincare for me.

She told me that these little beads of seaweed capsules suspended in a clear water-based solution help to keep the active ingredients of the serum safe from oxidation and harmful UV rays until you are ready to use them. This protective seaweed bubble protects the 'goodies' ensures you get your dose of serum 'fresh', since encasing the active ingredients in moisture-rich kelp capsules make sure they don't become ineffective or, worse, highly reactive free radicals that can potentially cause more damage, and their goodness is delivered directly to skin upon application.

To use, put one to two drops of the solution with the capsules onto your skin, and then rub into the skin to break the capsules and activate the ingredients within the deeper layers of skin. The entire bottle of serum can last you a good one and a half months this way, if you use it at least once daily.

It also adds to your peace of mind that the serums are paraben-free and scent-free, so your skin won't be irritated by any fragrances, and you can be sure you aren't applying cancer-causing chemicals to your skin.

Skin Inc - Skin Supplement Bar outlets are located at ION Orchard, Orchard Central, Republic Plaza and The Central. A bottle of serum (20ml) retails at S$128. An empty My Daily Dose bottle with dropper to store your mixed-and-matched customised serum retails for an additional S$10.


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