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Mon, Nov 09, 2009
The New Paper
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Man who offered $50k to strip didn't show up

STRIP and I’d donate a five-figure sum to charity, the man wrote.

That was the obscene – and anonymous – proposition Malaysian model-actress Christy Yow received in an e-mail last week.

But it eventually turned out to be just hot air.

The 23-year-old – who’s known for her generous 34C bosom – will play the famous cabaret stripper Rose Chan in Eric Khoo’s upcoming movie Chinese Rose.

She also recently appeared in the straight-to-DVD movie Aunties United.

To raise funds for the Animal Lovers League, Christy initiated a charity screening of Aunties United held last Saturday at Lido Cineplex.

But her good intentions were insulted.

Christy told The New Paper: “The e-mail which I saw last week stated that since I was going to strip for Chinese Rose, I should strip at the charity screening and the e-mail writer would donate $50,000 to the charity.

“I was humiliated, shocked and disappointed. But I wasn’t angry.”

Chinese newspaper Lianhe Wanbao had earlier reported that Christy said she would strip if the man dared to turn up at the screening.

But she told The New Paper she was joking, and that she wouldn’t accept the offer because she wouldn’t use sex to sell a charity.

Furthermore, she didn’t think that the man would dare to show up with such a large sum of money.

She was right – he didn’t.

After the Lianhe Wanbao article was published, the man immediately retracted his indecent proposal via e-mail and apologised to Christy.

Christy’s manager also spoke to him over the phone and learnt that the latter was a fan who was upset that she would be shedding her clothes for the big screen.

The man was in his 40s and spoke English mixed with Mandarin and Hokkien.

Make amends

In his following e-mail, he asked what he could do to make amends. So Christy suggested he buy tickets for the underprivileged elderly so that they could attend the charity screening.

The man eventually spent $4,500 on 300 tickets.

The New Paper tried to contact him through Christy’s manager but he declined to be interviewed.

Christy recently had a photo shoot with a 3m-long albino python which weighed 9kg and cost $70,000, as snakes were a part of Rose’s performances.

Christy also visited a nightclub with local actress-comedienne Irene Ang – who will play the older Rose Chan – for the first time as part of her research. She said the experience turned out to be “mild”.

“I didn’t expect what I saw in the club. There were many old men in there. I wasn’t scared because I wasn’t alone,” she said. She’ll soon take up belly dancing and venture into nightclubs which have escort services.

“I”m looking forward to it,” she added bravely, “because I’ve never been to one before and there’s always a first time for everything.”


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