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Sat, Jan 09, 2010
Daily Chilli
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Christy Yow plays with python

MALAYSIAN actress Christy Yow has begun her get-to-know-you session with her new friend - a three-metre yellow python.

The 22-year-old Yow, whose nickname is Malaysian Giant Breast, will play the legendary striptease Rose Chan in her new movie Mei Gui Xiang (The Charming Rose).

The python-wrestling show was one of the highlights in Rose Chan’s performances.

The movie is scheduled to start filming next year and Yow makes use of her free time now to get close to her “partner” to ensure a smooth shooting.

China Press reported that the four-hour session took place in Singapore last week.

“Its breathing sound is loud and its slimy body is rubbing all over my face....

“It is really heavy and I take it as a scarf when the snake coils around my neck,’’ said Yow when describing her up close and personal session with the 9kg python.

She said she was freaked out at the beginning but had overcome the feeling after warming up to the snake.

Yow said she was hurt by some of her friends and relatives who had condemned her for acting in an erotic film.

Mei Gui Xiang is an international artistic film directed by Eric Khoo, not just selling sex.

"I must prove that I can do it and I swear I will do to the best,’’ she said.

Khoo, 44, is a Singaporean director. Among his films that had participated at the Cannes Film Festival were 12 Storeys, Be With Me and Mee Pok Man.

According to the snake trainer, the yellow python was worth a whooping S$70,000.

The trainer, who had an encounter with the real Rose Chan when he was 12, said he was taken in by her bravery.

He said Chan had described a big python he showed her as “sap sap sui” (kids’ stuff) and the striptese queen even invited him to see those snakes she kept at her home.

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