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Mon, Jan 14, 2013
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The quirky-beautiful schoolteacher

Her head is the most gorgeous part of her body.

Sounds absolutely un-sexy? Annabel Tan, the only schoolteacher among Female's 50 Gorgeous People explains that it (her head) is "where everything creative and beautiful forms."

But the brainy chick seemed undecided and bantered on: "Then again, that could be my heart. It really depends on which school of thought you're from: head or heart."

The 25-year-old history teacher describes herself as random, quirky-beautiful and nocturnal.

Even though she did not have any competition experience prior, she gamely agreed to take part in this annual looks and personality contest after her friends nominated her.

"When was the last time you tried something new?" she says.

That is her current life motto (she updates it regularly) and adds, "Lead life , don't let it lead you.

"The two are kind of separable but works well together. Like peanut butter and jelly. Or kaya and butter if you're local."

While you may think that her choice of profession may be an obstacle to fun, you're wrong. This lady sure knows how to have fun!

Read her official blog on Female and you'll find that she is outgoing and is a big fan of fashion! Her blog strewn with colourful photos about her recent halloween celebrations in which she was dressed in an all-black costume to represent the evil conscience.

But more importantly, her choice of work comes with passion. On working with youth, Annabel tells Diva that "they're addictive and my elixir of youth." Well that should explain her secret to staying young and looking good as she tells us that she does not sleep enough.

To top it off, she produces results too even though she is only a relief teacher. Her history students at St. Hilda's Secondary School have made vast improvements in the subject and were singing praises of her in a recent New Paper interview.

Catch on to her wacky bug with the rest of her interview with Diva!

What is your strength and weakness?

I occasionally suffer from temporary inertia. But once I roll , I roll obsessively at any given task.

Share a dating tip.
Tip 1: For girls who has just started dating someone new, try eating a big mac on one of your dates. This is to push yourself past 'un-glam' limitations. Plus, its hilarious watching his reaction.
Tip 2: Send him a cactus. It messes with his mind or in other words, makes you memorable. It is also a sweet, practical and low-maintenance table gift.

What is the one thing that turns you off when you go on a date?
I can't decide between a boring persona or self-centrism.

Any beauty essentials?
Tiny tubes of pure aloe vera gel for a quick soothe. Eyeliner and lipbalm. Actually, throw in a good concealer while we're at it. This list could really go on.

What is your internet guilty pleasure?
Googling everything I don't know so that I know everything.

So is she kaya and butter, or peanut butter and jelly? This girl may not be your local flavour, but use your head and heart to understand her, and you'll discover whether she's worth a vote.

Simply click HERE to vote for your favourite Female Gorgeous People now! Or get the copy of the November issue to read more about Female 50 Gorgeous People.

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