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Sat, Nov 14, 2009
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S'porean girls search for the perfect "groom"
by Elaine Cheong

Four brides hauled the trains of their gowns, kicked up their heels and braved the crowd at busy Raffles Place.

'What are they doing?', you might ask. Models, dressed as brides, were tasked to find the perfect "groom" that women want.

Before a woman says 'yes' to a man, she wants to know one thing - that is, what would he give up for me?

So who will make sacrifices, who will go the distance?

Organised by Autium Jewellery, "Grooms" Wanted, was a two-day event in which men were quizzed with tough questions that put many in a tough spot.

But out of all the men the Autium brides spoke to, only three were shortlisted. The finalists, Nicolas, 32, Samuel, 27, and James, 27, were put through another round of interactive question and answer session in which the brides fired all sorts of questions that any potential groom should be prepared for.

Here are the juicy bits:

Brides: Are you a romantic person?
Brides: Well, what's the most romantic thing you've done for a person?
Nicolas: I organised a dinner complete with candles and tablecloth in the middle of a forest.

Brides: Where would you take me on our honeymoon?
Nicolas: Belgium, because I'm from there!
Samuel: It's definitely not just one place, it should be a trip around the world.
James: Bali.. Europe.. France!

Brides: If we were married, will it be alright if my mother comes to live with us?
Nicolas: NO
Brides: Why not?!
Nicolas: I'll build a small house outside of ours for her to stay in.
Samuel: Yes, in a very nice, big house.
James: Yes! She can even sleep with us if she wants to!

Brides: What will you do if I fell sick, and became weak and ugly?
Nicolas: I'll find the best doctor.
Samuel: I'll stand next to you, haha!
James: I'll stay by you through thick and thin.

Brides: What is your perception of life?
Nicolas: Life is short. You have to enjoy it and make the best of it.
James: Be simple and happy.

Brides:Why should you be the most eligible groom?
Nicolas: Because once I'm married, I'll do my best to stay in the relationship with my wife and make her happy. We'll have a nice family.
Samuel: Well, I'm fun to be with and reassuring.
James: Fingers are pretty empty, it'll look good with rings, haha!

Once all three candidates were through, it was the ladies turn to ponder. The laughters that roared previously faded to a soft dicussion... and...we have a winner!

The winner at the end of the grilling session was Samuel, who entertained the brides with his cheeky answers. He walked away with an Autium Solklee ring and vouchers.

I caught up with him and asked him a few questions before he zipped back to his office to find out if he was indeed groom-worthy.

While most men would feel flattered and their egos boosted when a girl approaches them, Samuel was shy when I walked up to him.

I learnt later that he felt shy because he still feels that a guy ought to be a gentleman and make the first move.

On marriage proposal, I asked if he would kneel and propose, and the charmer said that there were so many other ways to pop the question.

"For instance during a scuba-diving trip or freefall. It has to be creative and memorable.

Afterall, we are talking about a lifetime issue!" he said.

Honest and straightforward, he told me that his wishlist for a wife includes her being "good-looking" and "nice". He also said "being fun and dynamic is an important injection to keep the spark in the relationship."

On the biggest sacrifice he has ever made for a woman, he told me that he gave up his job where he came from, and accepted another which paid 40% lesser and relocated to Singapore just to be with his partner. 

Now, that won me over.

Samuel's story was certainly sweet and if all goes well, who knows, we might even hear wedding bells ringing soon!

Kudos to him for being the named the most eligible husband-to-be, but where were all the Singaporean men?

readers' comments
'Gorgeous' S'porean models dressed as brides? They must be kidding. The 'brides' are not only ugly, they totally don't look Singaporean at all, more like those pinoy pros standing along geylang streets abducted over to make a comedy show.
Posted by BlackDragon on Sun, 15 Nov 2009 at 22:28 PM
Foreign Talented Girls from Asia already got their Perfect Singaporean Groom by breaking up Perfect Singapore Families!!!! Like Singapore Girls trying to break up Perfect Ang Mo's families!!!! hahahahahahaha
Posted by working_class on Sun, 15 Nov 2009 at 20:02 PM
Omg... just reading some of the comments here makes me LAUGH )))

Ok... next in line should be...

Foreign Talented Girls from Asia looking for the Perfect Singaporean Groom !

Happy now , Singapore Guys ???
Posted by Tsunamiw4ve on Sun, 15 Nov 2009 at 18:21 PM
why is it that TWO out of the 3 men above are angmohs? Singaporean girls are really 'hard-up' for angmoh men, evidently.
Posted by achilles on Sun, 15 Nov 2009 at 16:58 PM

This is a low standard function session!! What do we meant by "perfect"? First is the gals look perfect? pure virgin? soul perfect? then if it is not....we should classify as "look for right match".

It is matter of who are you then you will gert the right match by not asking stupid question whiole divorce is getting higher and divorcee is getting younger.

Young generation mindset is loosing to older batch nowadays.

So keep it up if those really know what is "perfect"
Posted by JusticeVin on Sun, 15 Nov 2009 at 15:46 PM
Yet another Pinkleton syndrome...just look at the pics. Singaporeans are really loosing it....
Posted by Vincent_Teo on Sun, 15 Nov 2009 at 14:50 PM
Ya lor...dreamers. What is "perfect"? On one hand they want men to be truly romantic...and yet want to luxuries associated with life. If all men spend their time have walks in sandy beaches or travelling the romantic oriental express train ride, who is going to earn the money to keep them? It is always the men being unromantic...but the women can be anything else they want to be.
Posted by johnnykwek on Sun, 15 Nov 2009 at 13:30 PM
hahahahahaah whisper sweet nothing and fantasy. Gullible bunch of typical Singapore girls. Where are all the Singapore men? They are the dads of these girls and working Mon - Sun trying to feed you girls, so that you got the time to "Day Dream".
Posted by working_class on Sun, 15 Nov 2009 at 13:19 PM

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